Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Department is committed to quality, planned growth throughout Grand Prairie by assisting customers in the development process, providing accurate land use information, and assuring safe construction through plan review and field inspections. The Building Inspections Division and the Planning Division make up the Planning and Development Department.



General Planning Questions

Send general planning questions to

If you are unable to email, call 972-237-8255 and leave a detailed message.  Your voicemail will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member to respond.

All Development Review/Pre-Application meetings are now completed by video conference. All other general questions may be answered at the front counter, via email or by phone.

Zoning Maps

To check how a property is zoned, view our interactive maps. Enter the address of the property you're looking for in the search bar.

If you want to know if a use is allowed based on the property's zoning, check the permissible uses in Article 4(PDF, 1MB) of the Unified Development Code.

Public Meetings

In-person Public Meetings

Public meetings are usually conducted in-person at Grand Prairie City Hall Council Chambers, 300 W. Main Street. If it is determined that a videoconference should replace the in-person format or if a videoconference will be offered in addition to the in-person format, information on how to participate in the videoconference will be listed within the meeting agendas on the Planning and Zoning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustments of Appeals web pages.

Watching Meetings Online

Residents are welcome to attend meetings in person or watch live online or replays (Note: Occasional technical issues may prevent a complete broadcast.) 

How to Register Your Position

To register your position for an item on an upcoming Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council, or Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals agenda, fill out the online form.

Long Range Planning

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a policy guide for the development of a city, establishing the legal foundation for enactment and systematic application of zoning, subdivision regulations and other development regulations.  It is an effective instrument for budgeting local development funds, coordinating development, and making decisions based upon well-researched and well-conceived criteria. Learn more about Grand Prairie's long range planning.

Provides development services to the public in long-range planning (comprehensive) and short-range planning (current).

Long Range Planning:

  • Development of Comprehensive Plan
  • Land Use Studies
  • Annexation Coordination
  • Population Projections
  • Census Data and Analysis
  • Activity Reports on Future Developments

Current Planning:

  • Zoning and Platting Requests
  • Specific Use Permits
  • Site Plan Review
  • Variance Requests from the Unified Development Code