Prohibited Signs & Banners

Prohibited Signs

The following signs are prohibited/Illegal: UDC Article 9 Sec. 4(PDF, 2MB)

In order to keep up with the extensive amount of prohibited signs placed throughout our city, each weekend, two code officers are removing prohibited signs that have been placed at intersections, utility poles, public right of ways.  All signs are disposed of. Garage sale signs without correct permit numbers attached, will also be removed.

Requirements for Banners

All banners require a free 30 day permit prior to placing on building. Each business is allowed ONE banner with a permit and must be attached to the front facade of the building.  Banners may not be used as permanent signage for a business, they may not hang from an awning, be tied between poles or placed on vehicles in front of the business. Banner permits are obtained at the Code Enforcement Department. For more information regarding banner regulations, please see UDC Article 9.10.10(PDF, 2MB)

Prohibited Signs and Banners: Examples of Code Violations

Updated on 04/14/2020 2:49 PM

Examples of prohibited signs and banners