Engineering Inspection

Engineering Inspections inspects all publicly dedicated construction within City rights-of-way and easements.

Summary of Services

  • Inspect projects to insure the plans and specifications are followed for Development & CIP projects
  • Oversee project construction and assist in resolving construction related issues and complaints
  • Reviews and submits for processing monthly estimates on Capital Improvement Projects
  • Communicate with engineers, contractors and City staff to keep them informed about project status
  • Ensure that construction material testing is coordinated with the contractor and the selected testing firm, and to review all reports to ensure compliance

Overtime Work Coordination:

Engineering Inspections performs inspections services during normal business hours. Inspections must be coordinated with the Chief Engineering Inspector and the assigned Inspector. Inspections can also be made on weekend and holidays as approved by the City. The contractor shall request the services well in advance, in writing, by 12 PM on the Wednesday prior to the weekend, and payment must be made by 12 PM on that Friday.

View Engineering Inspection Forms(DOC, 76KB)

Geotechnical and Material Testing:

Engineering Inspections coordinates geotechnical testing services for public infrastructure.  Ordinance 7951 requires developers to escrow funds for the geotechnical testing services that are managed by the City using City approved geotechnical firms.

View Geotechnical Testing Ordinance(PDF, 251KB)