Park Board

The Park Board meets monthly for the purpose of making recommendations to the city council relating to the management and maintenance of parks, parkways, lakes, waterways, municipal squares and beautification of municipal grounds. The board also participates in the institution of condemnation proceedings whenever it deems private property should be taken for park property.

Each member appointed to the Park Board automatically becomes a member of the Tree Board. The Tree Board meets at least annually and administers a plan for the care, preservation and planting or disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, along streets and in other public areas.

Agendas and Minutes 


Nine members. Mayor and council members appoint one member each.

Park Board Members

Park Board members:

  • Ramirez, Susanna
  • Rideaux, Norris "Stretch"
  • Mullen, Greg
  • Luckey-Vaughn, Angela
  • Landrum, Warren
  • Earl, Mal Parkhill
  • Riley, Mike
  • Aldridge, Tracy
  • Chan, Euwye


Park Board Contact: For more information on meeting dates or if interested in attending, please email Ally Brann.