Building Advisory & Appeals Board

The Building Advisory and Appeals Board approves recommendations presented by Code Compliance staff relating to city code violations and internal and property maintenance code. Code and has the power to grant exceptions to the construction standards within the Building Code, and to hear appeals from the city's plumbing, mechanical and/or electrical inspectors.

Agendas and Minutes

Meets the second Monday of the month at 6 p.m.


Nine members: architect; licensed engineer (preferably in the structural field); home builder or contractor operating in the city; plumber or mechanical contractor; electrician; remaining members selected from among building-related professions.

Mayor and council members appoint one member each.

Building Advisory & Appeals Board Affidavit(PDF, 108KB)

Building Advisory & Appeals Board members:

  • Dehnert, Sharon
  • Wiggins, Gregory
  • Oliver, Starling
  • Luna, Anie
  • Davidson, Wendell
  • Adhikari, Janie
  • King, Aaron


Building Advisory & Appeals Board Contact: For more information on meeting dates or if interested in attending, please email Karen Wilkinson.