Dismissals - Deferred Disposition

Deferred Disposition – Traffic Offenses Only

Deferred Disposition is authorized in Article 45.051 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Deferred disposition is a method of having your traffic citation dismissed after satisfactory completion of a probationary period in which no additional convictions are received and all requirements imposed in the Deferral Agreement are satisfied.

Eligibility Requirements for Deferred Disposition

  • You must request “Deferred Disposition” on or before the appearance date on your citation
  • You must not have had “Deferred Disposition” in any court within one year preceding the date of offense on your current citation
  • You must waive your right to a jury trial
  • You must enter a plea of guilty or no contest to the charge
  • You must not receive another moving violation offense in the City of Grand Prairie within the deferral period (180 days)
  • You must pay all amounts due as ordered or scheduled.
  • If you are younger than 25 years of age you must take a driving safety course as part of the deferral.
  • If you have a provisional license you will also be required to take a DPS examination.
  • In most cases, an increase in fine of $25 will be assessed for deferrals.

Request deferred disposition online.

If the option of deferred disposition does not appear then you are not eligible or qualify.

Failure to Comply with the Order of Deferred Disposition

  • If you fail to comply with any one of the requirements of the Deferred Order, a final judgment of “guilty” will be entered, and this violation will appear on your driving record.
  • If you request “Deferred Disposition” but send the incorrect amount, or are not eligible for deferred, you will not be granted deferred and your check or money order will be used to satisfy the ticket.
    • Defendants who receive a violation for speeding and were traveling more than 29mph over the posted speed limit will not be eligible for deferred disposition.
    • Defendants who are traveling 90 mph or more will not be eligible for deferred disposition no matter the posted speed limit.
    • Defendants who receive a violation for Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility involving an accident will not be eligible for deferred disposition.