Report Animal Complaints

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Call 972-237-8575 during Animal Services' regular business hours or use the following online form to report issues relating to Animal Services. If a request for service is submitted online after normal business hours, staff will usually not be available to respond to your request until the next business day.


Animal Bites or Scratches

By law, all bites must be reported to the Local Rabies Control Authority (LCRA). In Grand Prairie, the LCRA is Animal Services and its officers investigate all bites. A bite usually means any contact breaking the skin, so scratches are also included. The goal of a bite investigation is not to punish the pet owners or animal, but to ensure state law is followed and minimize the chances of the bite victim contracting rabies.

In the process of a bite investigation, an Animal Services officer will verify a bite occurred, collect as much information on the animal and its owners as possible, and secure the animal for quarantine. A dog or cat that has bitten a person must be quarantined and observed for any signs of rabies. Quarantine involves strict isolation at an approved facility following Texas Department of State Health Services guidelines, and will last for 10 or more days from the time of the incident. An approved facility can be a personal veterinarian who has the approval of Grand Prairie Animal Services or the Prairie Paws Adoption Center itself. Quarantining ensures the safety of the bite victim.

Dangerous Animal

Animal Services investigates complaints in which animals at large are accused of unprovoked attacks on humans or domestic animals and in some cases, those which appear likely to attack. Unprovoked attacks do not include those taking place in a secured enclosure, such as the animal's own backyard. City ordinance does not allow animals that have been declared dangerous to stay within Grand Prairie without very strict confinement rules and liability insurance. Some dangerous animals may have to leave the City or be euthanized. If you need more information or to report a dangerous animal, please contact the Prairie Paws Adoption Center at 972-237-8575.

Repeat Offender

Deceased Animal