Kitten Fostering

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Be the 1%...

The Challenge
Last year, Grand Prairie Animal Services took in over 1,292 underaged kittens at the shelter during Kitten Season. This season, typically ranging from spring through summer, refers to the time of year when many litters of kittens are born. At minimum, a kitten must be 2lbs and 8 weeks to be adopted out to a loving family. Unfortunately, kittens have a particularly difficult time thriving in a shelter environment, even with a mother cat or “queen” to care for them. This population of adorable furbabies creates one of the biggest challenges for our city’s shelter.

The Solution
We understand that 1,292 is a big number. Fortunately, the City of Grand Prairie is made up of over 66,000 households, meaning it would take less than 1%of our community opening their homes and hearts to a pair of kittens per season to get them ALL out. By taking a proactive approach to Kitten Season and working to get these furbabies out into foster homes within days (or even hours!) of arrival, we give them their best chance at life. GPAS provides the basic medical care, tools, and guidance while foster volunteers provide the day-to-day supplies and love. As soon as the 2lb mark is hit, the kittens are ready to go up for adoption at the shelter or, ideally, go to their new adoptive families!

How This Works…
If you have a big heart and an uninhabited bathroom (easy space for cleaning!), we can almost certainly find you a pair of temporary kitten houseguests. While neonatal kittens may need around the clock care, some kittens simply need a place to crash and cuddle for a couple weeks before being ready for adoption. Fill out the survey below to learn more and step up to be part of the 1%.

Kitten Fostering

This form is intended for individuals who are interested in becoming a recurring foster parent for kittens at GPAS to help us save the most kittens this season. View Available Kittens for Adoption.

Found a Stray Cat

If you see a healthy stray cat, leave it in place so it can potentially find its way home. Since there is no law in Grand Prairie against free-roaming cats, we ask residents to leave healthy stray cats where they find them.

Found Kittens

Unless there is an immediate threat, leave kittens in place where their mother can find them, especially if they are too young to eat on their own. If you need to move the kittens, place them nearby where the mother can find them.

If you must intervene with kittens, you can help by providing in-home foster care until the kittens are 8 – 10 weeks of age. Email for information on fostering.

Surrendering a Cat

If you are thinking about surrendering a cat or kitten, consider keeping it through the summer until the volume of cats and kittens entering shelters and rescues slows down.

Consider re-homing your pet using resources from SPCA or Petco.

Spay or Neuter

Spay or neuter all tame cats you currently own. Low cost programs, such as Spay Neuter Network and Texas Coalition for Pets, provide transportation services from the Grand Prairie Animal Services Adoption Center.

Get Involved

Get involved with the Shelter’s trap-neuter-release program to have feral cats spayed or neutered. Call 972-237-8575 or email

Pregnant Cats

If you have a cat that is pregnant, keep the mother and babies until the kittens are 8 – 10 weeks of age to help the shelter conserve foster homes for kittens who otherwise have no place to go. Keep the mother cat in your home until after all the kittens are adopted and consider spaying the mother cat.