Animals at Our Facility

Adoptable Pets

If you are interested in adopting a pet, please view the available adoptable pets using the links below. Photos and descriptions are updated twice a day. Availability of any animal may change, and a listing is no guarantee of availability.

Once you have identified an animal that you are interested in, please visit the Grand Prairie Animal Services and Adoption Center or email us at

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, basic vaccines, transition food, microchip and heartworm treatment (if positive at the time of adoption). All adopters must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid ID. 

Pet Fee
Adult cat (over 1 year old) $10
Kitten (under 1 year old) $70
Small dog/puppy (under 40 pounds) $70
Large dog (over 40 pounds) $40
Microchipped pocket pet (rabbit, ferret) $20
Pocket pet that cannot be microchipped (hamster, guinea pig, bird, other)  $10

Taking care of your new pet

Follow our Youtube channel for more tips and tricks!

New dog

Most dogs love to learn new things and all dogs love to please their humans. Teaching boundaries and house rules is essential from day one. Commands can help your new dog know exactly what is expected of them. While hiring a trainer has proven very beneficial, there are many things that can be taught by using reputable YouTube videos as a guideline. Rewards are best served with praise and affection!

Adopters with dogs at home who are adopting a new dog are encouraged to do a meet and greet to help ease the transition from shelter to home. Still, most animals will take a while to adjust in their new homes, so we urge adopters to give the pet time to adjust and try out different solutions. Always provide pets time to regroup after playing, try separating animals for a few hours throughout the day, and be sure to feed and treat separately. Never force animals to get along.

New cat

Cats generally don’t do well with travel or new locations, so we do not recommend bringing your cats to the shelter for introductions. Before taking a new cat home, be sure to have the cat's space set up with a litter box, food and water so they know where all of their supplies are. Limited freedom is best for cats entering a new home—a bathroom or crate with adequate enrichment opportunities will be the perfect setup as your cat gradually earns the ability to roam free.

Adoption Programs

Fan Fast Track

The Fan Fast-Track Program ensure homeless animals are able to be routed for adoption and go home with their new families as soon as possible. Animals will be eligible for fast-track on a first come, first serve basis (based on acceptable adoption applications). Normal stray waits will be observed to ensure that animals are reunited with their owners whenever possible, but this program will allow unclaimed animals to have a lucky family waiting to visit them and finalize an adoption as soon as they are available.

Home to Home

Home to Home gives people who can no longer keep their pets the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to drop pets off at the shelter. Pets go from one home into another.

Animals in need of new homes are searchable on this website and posted to our Facebook page.

Current Owners: Need to find your pet a new home? Our simple online form can assist with rehoming your pet. You can determine if the prospective owners are a good fit.

New Owners: If you are looking for a pet, take a look at the animals available on our website. We’ve made it easy to search through available animals to find your perfect match.

Pets for Patriots

Grand Prairie Animal Services Adoption Center is a proud adoption partner of Pets for Patriots, a nationally operating 501(c)(3) charity saving lives through companion pet adoption for United States veterans.

Get pre-approved

Stray/Found Pets

Animals that come in as ‘stray’ are held for 3 business days (stray animals are in the same post as all animals in shelter until they can go home; view dogs, cats, or other pets). Those interested in adopting an animal on its stray hold may do a pre-adoption.

If no owner comes forward, the adoption will be completed on the review date - only one pre-adoption is allowed per animal.

To report a loose animal, please contact Animal Dispatch at 972-237-8575 or

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