Housing / Community Improvement Commission

The Housing/Community Improvement Commission serves as an advisory board to the city council and makes recommendations concerning federal, state and local programs relevant to community welfare. It solicits the cooperation of local civic organizations and the local press in making the city a better place to live, work and play. The commission sponsors and initiates programs by citizens to improve the community, and makes recommendations to the city council for the allocation of Community Development Block Grand funds.

Agendas and Minutes 


Nine members. Mayor and council members appoint one member each.

Housing/Community Improvement Commissioners:

  • Harper, Madiola
  • Bhular, Amjad
  • Dudley, Leon
  • Toth, Kevin
  • Blubaugh, Debra
  • Vance, Vivan
  • Calderon, Rick
  • King, Brandi


Housing / Community Improvement Commission Contact: For more information on meeting dates or if interested in attending, please email Esther Coleman.