Operation Clean Sweep (OCS)

Operation Clean Sweep is an initiative that was approved by the City Council and started in November 2008. Clean Sweep takes code inspectors out of an assigned neighborhood and moves them to a selected area. These specific assignments cover smaller areas and allow the officers to work door to door inspections throughout the neighborhood, identify code violations and issue notices for the resident to correct the violation.

Since its inception, Operation Clean Sweep or OCS, as the staff refers to it, was active in various communities. OCS made 6,223 inspections and issued some 2,540 notices giving residents time to correct violations.

OCS officers look for various types of violations including but not limited to:

  • Parking on the yard
  • Faulty weather protection
  • Dilapidated fences
  • Junk/inoperable vehicles
  • Outside storage
  • Trash, junk, debris
  • High grass/weeds

When violations are observed, the OCS team will issue a hand notice to the resident or send a letter to the property owner giving them 7-10 days to take action to correct the violation.

Upon the expiration of the 7-10 days, a follow-up inspection is made and the appropriate action is taken.

Action taken may include citations, impoundment of vehicles or in extreme cases the city will enter a property with a court order to abate violations and bill the property owner for the clean up.

To report code violations in your neighborhood, contact Code Compliance at 972-237-8296.

The sign on the left is the sign that is put out into a selected neighborhood where Operation Clean Sweep officers will be working next.

We move the sign around the neighborhood as a reminder to residents that these and other violations need to be corrected and to afford the community a chance to be in compliance before receiving a notice.