Flood Warnings and Disaster Preparedness

The ability to safely evacuate residents during a disaster depends on strong disaster preparedness planning and requires the cooperation of all affected citizens. Evacuations require the establishment of emergency shelters during disasters for evacuees, and, significant coordination among City departments during disasters is critical in order to maintain essential City services.

The City’s Emergency Management Department provides information on the City’s outdoor warning siren system, instructions on responding to the alerts, how to prepare and plan for possible disasters, and evacuation and shelter information at www.gptx.org/disasters.

The City of Grand Prairie has two flood-warning systems to warn citizens of high water and flooded roadways. On Cottonwood Creek at Carrier Parkway, the Traffic Division has constructed a flashing “Do Not Enter” light which is operated by rising water levels. The light warns citizens of hazardous or flooding conditions. On East Main Street (SH 180) in east Grand Prairie, water depth actuated signs have been installed near a railroad underpass. These signs, that include flashing lights, warn motorists when the underpass is impassable due to high water.

During periods of heavy rainfall, the City of Grand Prairie’s street drainage crew is on 24-hour call and inspects roadways to monitor flooding. City crews use barricades to close roads that are inundated with water and to discourage traffic from driving through these areas.

The City also uses its real-time rain and stream gauge monitoring system to assist in determining road closures. The monitoring system consists of 21 rain and stream gauges located throughout the City. Grand Prairie participates in the CASA radar system, which provides current weather conditions.

If flooding is imminent and evacuation of the City is advised, the City of Grand Prairie will notify you through local radio and Cable TV.

The City receives information from NOAA Weather Station Radio broadcasts weather information 24 hours a day, and from the National Weather Service offices in Texas. The local contact number is 817-429-2631. Please call in reference to evacuation notices, procedures and shelters.

The City Emergency Management Department can be reached by calling 972-237-8333 or online at www.gptx.org/disasters.