Understanding Multifamily Water Rates

Updated Multifamily Water Rates Effective June 1

infographic of new water rates

updated multifamily water rates may result in lower water bills this summer. here's who will benefit and why. 

WHO? Grand Prairie residents of multifamily complexes with four or more units.

WHY? City leaders heard your concerns and your City Council revisited and approved updated water rates effective June 1.

THE GOOD NEWS: If multifamily residents keep water usage the same or lower than previous months, your monthly water bill should go down.

REMEMBER: The City bills the owner of multifamily complexes. The owner is in charge of distributing costs to residents, not the City.

GOOD TO KNOW: Each year, the City determines the necessary water rate adjustments that help maintain its infrastructure needs. New water rates typically become effective October 1.

Visit gptx.org/water for more details, including a breakdown of how water rates are calculated.

Understanding Multifamily Water Rates

To help residents better understand how the City determines water rates in multifamily complexes, here are a few frequently asked questions and answers. For more information, multifamily residential customers can call Utility Customer Service at 972-237-8200

  • Q: What is considered multifamily?
  • A: Properties with four or more units.
  • Q: How are multifamily water and wastewater rates charged?
  • A: Rates are charged by volume used plus the number of units in the complex
  • Q: How is the volume calculated?
  • A: The volume used is calculated by a meter that all the water passes through to serve the complex.
  • Q: What are the new water rates for multifamily?
  • A: Rates are based on Water Volume used and number of units/apartments
    • 1,000-250,000 = $7.00 per thousand gallons
    • Over 250,000 = $9.25 per thousand gallons
    • Plus, the unit charge rate of $5.00/unit 
  • Q: When did these new rates become effective?
  • A: The new multifamily rates became effective on June 1, 2024
  • Q: Will Grand Prairie send adjustments from October 1, 2023, to June 1, 2024?
  • A: No, the new rate became effective June 1, 2024
  • Q: How does Grand Prairie determine the rates each year?
  • A: The city hires a consultant who assists with annual rate study to determine necessary rate adjustments. The rate adjustments are necessary to maintain current water and wastewater infrastructure, construction of new infrastructure, cost of water purchases, and wastewater treatment. Typically, new rates become effective on October 1.