Street Services

The Street Services Division is responsible for maintaining the following infrastructure: City Streets, Traffic Signals, Drainage Systems, Brush Pick Up Program and the Streets 1/4 cent Sales Tax Program.

The Streets, Traffic and Drainage Division improves our community by providing reliable and effective infrastructure maintenance and emergency response. From supervisors to crew members, our team strives to consistently deliver timely, quality service with a professional work ethic in all we do.


Street Services Programs

Traffic Signals

The Traffic Signals, Street Lighting, and School Flasher program installs, maintains and operates traffic control devices in accordance with the federal, state, and local regulations in a proficient and courteous manner to ensure the safe and efficient mobility of the traveling public.

The Street Services department is responsible for maintaining the following:

  • 193 traffic signals
  • 135 school zone flashers
  • 582 roadway lights
  • Locates underground fiber wiring of the city and GPISD


The Street Drainage Division is responsible for the maintenance of all right-of-way drainage in the City of Grand Prairie. This includes five Corps of Engineer Projects:

Drainage Program Maintenance Areas

  • Johnson Creek
  • Dry Branch Creek
  • Dorchester Levee
  • Trinity River Bank
  • Ox Bow

This program also includes the cleaning of approximately 28,000 linear feet of creeks, channels and ditches per year and approximately 1300 drainage structures cleaned annually. This is in addition to the repair of guardrail and the installation/repair of reinforced concrete pipe.


By city ordinance #6234 (see below) it is the responsibility of the homeowner, lessor, lessee and/or resident to maintain the sidewalk in front of their home.  


Sec. 29-113. Maintenance of the sidewalk and right-of-way.

In all provisions of the Code relative to the responsibility of a homeowner, lessor, lessee, and/or resident of any such premises to maintain the sidewalk and all areas of the property including the curb and all right-of-way, in a safe and efficient manner. Whenever any provision of this code shall provide that any property be maintained, it is to be read to include all such area, including the buildings, the property, the adjacent right-of-way and sidewalk, and the surface of all easements, and such persons shall do nothing that would prevent the purpose and all incidental uses of such easements.


To report or request emergency and regular Line Locates for Fiber and Traffic signals, call 972-237-8525.

To request any new installation of Signs, Pavement Markings, Traffic Signals or Speed Bumps, please contact the Transportation Division at 972-237-8139 or email

Leland Miller
Street Services Manager

Manuel Alonzo
Street Services Superintendent
(Street Maintenance Programs)

Jenette Naranja
Senior Financial Analyst
(Public Works/Street Services)

Rick Davis
Traffic Signals Operations Supervisor
(Traffic Signals, Street Lighting, School Flashers)

Barry Fulfer
Stormwater/Drainage Operations Supervisor
(Drainage Maintenance)

Antonio Lazo
Concrete Operations Supervisor
(Sidewalk Repairs, Street Maintenance)

Amador Garcia
Asphalt Operations Supervisor
(Potholes, Street Maintenance)