Clean Air Action Challenge

Clean air action challenge

Grand Prairie is a regional partner with Air North Texas, a non profit organization through NCTCOG, to promote a consistent air quality message and increase public awareness to reduce emissions.

Why Have the Challenge?

The 10-county DFW area is nonattainment for ozone affecting local businesses operations with air permits, restrictions on operations and estimated $270 billion annual loss in economic output.

The Clean Air Action Challenge

The City of Grand Prairie is challenging your company to take action to reduce air pollution.

Rules of the Challenge

Encourage your employees to take the Clean Air Action Pledge.

Create or adopt new creative clean air initiatives to encourage employee participation.

Complete and submit a Clean Air Action Challenge Application for your business to by Clean Air Action Day on Friday, August 5, 2022.

Download Application(PDF, 694KB)


Winners of the Clean Air Action Challenge will be presented with an award.

If you have questions, please contact the Public Health and Environmental Quality Department at 972-237-8055.