Public Health and Environmental Quality Staff

Location and Hours

Public Health and Environmental Quality Department

City Hall
300 W. Main St., Suite 200
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
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Phone: 972-237-8055

Fax: 972-237-8228


Avery, Laura Executive Assistant 972-237-8289  
Babina, Jeffrey Public Health Specialist 972-237-8037
Barron, Norma Office Assistant - Part-Time 972-237-7561
Bui, Brittney Public Health Supervisor 972-237-8060
Burrow, Karen Executive Assistant 972-237-8867
Cason, Jody Environmental Quality Manager 972-237-8070
Cobbs, Tyler Environmental Technician 972-237-8452
Correa, Iselle Executive Assistant 972-237-8068
George, David Sr. Environmental Technician 972-237-8445
Law, Otilia Environmental Quality Supervisor 972-237-8224
McCowen, Mary Public Health Specialist 972-237-8238
Mendez, Cindy Public Health and Environmental Quality Director 972-237-8225
Nisi, Brianna Environmental Quality Supervisor 972-237-7564
Oakley, Kale Environmental Specialist - Stormwater 972-237-8387
O'Neil, Amanda Public Health Specialist 972-237-8264
Phillips, Greg Environmental Inspector 972-237-8452
Rodriguez, Werner Public Health Manager 972-237-8056
Sanchez Jr., Antonio Environmental Technician 972-237-8469
Santos, Nataly Permit Coordinator 972-237-8021
Skaggs, Jackie Senior Environmental Technician 972-237-8429
Straw, Eric Environmental Quality Supervisor 972-237-8277
Vercoe, Barry Environmental Specialist – Stormwater 972-237-8351
Wilson, Christopher Environmental Specialist - Stormwater 972-237-8059
Ybarra, Phuong Permit Coordinator 972-237-8021