Building Blocks

Neighborhoods with qualifying improvement projects to beautify and enhance the public spaces in their neighborhood may apply for matching grants of up to $5,000 with the City of Grand Prairie.

Applications should be within no more than 2 weeks of estimated project(s) start date. A Notice to Proceed letter from Building Blocks staff is required prior to performing work on any projects. Applicants may not pay contractors in cash. Itemized receipts are required for reimbursements.


  • $5,000 maximum rebate limit on exterior improvements per property for houses under 25 years
  • $10,000 maximum rebate limit on exterior improvements per property for houses 25 years and older
  • 50% rebate on exterior improvements for houses 25 years and older up to $10,000
  • 30% rebate on exterior improvements for houses 15 to 24 years old up to $5,000
  • 15% rebate on exterior improvements for houses less than 15 years old up to $5,000
  • All improvements must be completed once agreement is signed, or the project is wholly disqualified (No partial rebates)
  • Homeowners may receive a maximum of two (2) rebates for the same property in three (3) year period
  • Investors may receive a maximum of three (3) rebates per year with each being used for a different property, up to $5,000 rebate limit per property in a three (3) year period



  • Must be a property owner (or tenant with written permission of property owner) of a Grand Prairie single-family residence
  • Must furnish a completed application and W-9 form
  • Participants are only eligible to participate in one approved project at a time
  • Must furnish a government issued picture ID


Examples of eligible projects

  • Exterior siding and soffit repair and replacement
  • Window replacement
  • Exterior door replacement
  • Garage door replacement and associated equipment
  • Addition/replacement of roof turbines and ventilators
  • Exterior painting
  • Installation/replacement of gutters
  • Replacement/repair of driveways
  • Fence repair and replacement*
  • Solar screens
  • Replacement/addition of turf, shrubs and trees
  • Tree trimming (Owner Required to remove all brush once completed)
  • Sprinkler controller repair/replacement

*Must include exterior fence(s). Rebate limited to the cost associated with repairing or replacing the exterior fence(s). Example: Total fence repair is $4,000 of which $500 is for repair of external fences. The rebate will be limited to $500 which is less than 25% of the total cost.

Examples of ineligible projects

  • New pools, hot tubs, spas and water features
  • Any landscaping plan that includes the following:
    • Plants that are not native or naturalized
    • Irrigation system that does not allow plants to become established under current water restrictions at the time of plan approval; may require drip irrigation or soaker hoses
  • Repair or replacement of sprinkler systems lacking digital controllers with functional rain and temperature sensors
  • Detached accessory structures
  • Garage conversions
  • Carports
  • Roofs
  • Exterior improvements or other items covered by the HOA
  • Projects covered, even in part, by insurance
  • Any project started before receiving your Notice to Proceed is ineligible for the rebate (this includes deposits, down payments and purchased items)
  • Solar panels
  • Do it yourself improvements


Step 1: Complete the Application

In addition to the online application, participants must complete and sign two additional forms: Residential Agreement and  Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazard. 

Copies of the below supporting documentation needed for the property where improvement will be made:

  • A printed copy of the most recent Appraisal District’s appraised market value of the property;
  • Proof that the homeowner is current on property taxes for the property;
  • Proof that the homeowner is current on the insurance for the property as evidenced by a receipt or documentation showing the policy has been paid or is current on scheduled payments;
  • Bid estimate(s) provided by a contractor who will perform the home improvements

Building Blocks Application

Step 2: Initial Inspection

Housing staff will complete an initial inspection and take pictures of the improvement area

Step 3: Notice to Proceed Letter

Participants will receive a letter letting them know to proceed with the project. The letter will includes project timeline, requirements, etc.

Step 4: Final Inspection and pictures of the project(s) passed

Housing staff will inspect the completed project

Step 5: Participant submits a rebate request form with receipts and W-9

W-9 form must be completed

Step 6: Rebate Award Letter and check are mailed to participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Project Deadlines be extended?

Yes, for qualifying circumstances (inclement weather, etc.).

How are projects approved?

Project approval is on a first-come, first-served basis; applicants must submit complete applications for consideration.

My project is not on the list of eligible projects. Can I still apply?

Yes, but only projects consistent with those listed on the list of eligible projects will be approved, contingent on review by the Community Revitalization Unit.

Does my project require a permit?

Whether or not a permit is required is specific to each project. Permit questions should be directed to Building Inspections, 972-237-8230. You should be prepared to provide the details to your project when you call.

Can I be reimbursed for cash payments?

No, all payments must be completed through a verifiable source (credit, debit, money order, check, etc.).


This program provides an incentive to homeowners who demolish an existing single-family home and rebuild on the same lot within 24 months.


  • The city will provide demolition and 50% of the demolition cost for homeowners that work with the city to demolish a single-family home within twelve (12) months and complete rebuild within in twenty-four (24) months of grant approval.
  • The homeowner is required to make payment to the city before demolition. After demolition, a lien will be placed on the land for the other half of the demolition cost. If homeowners rebuild within 24 months, the lien will be forgiven.
  • If no rebuild takes place, the lien will be kept and repaid to the city upon sale.
  • Demolition permit, New construction permit, and landfill fees will be waived.


  1. The Recipient must complete and sign an application and a residential agreement. The application and residential agreement form can be mailed to the homeowner upon request.
  2. The Program Coordinator will review the application and review the program policy with the Recipient.
  3. The Program Coordinator will obtain demolition estimates and the homeowner is required to pay 50% of the demolition costs up front.
  4. The Program Coordinator will submit a Notice to Proceed Letter and the demolition will commence. The letter will confirm the authorized demolition.
  5. After demolition, the Recipient must obtain all necessary permits and required inspections for new construction.
  6. After new construction is complete, recipient must submit a copy of the construction permit and schedule a Final Inspection so the lien can be forgiven.

Rebate Requirements

The Recipient agrees to begin and complete home reconstruction within twenty-four (24) months of program approval and demolition; a deadline date to complete improvements will be written into the Notice to Proceed letter. Upon request, an additional 60 days may be granted based on supply chain delays.

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