Alcohol Permits

You must obtain an Alcohol Permit from the Public Health and Environmental Quality Department to sell, distribute or store any intoxicating liquor, malt liquor or other alcoholic beverage, including operation of a private club as defined by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code (TABC).

TABC Requirements

Apply for Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) Permit

Contact the local TABC office for Dallas County or Tarrant County for information on how to apply for the appropriate TABC permit. Visit the TABC website for contact information.

City Requirements

Step 1.Apply for Health Permit

After applying for required permit(s) with the TABC, submit a Health Permit Application to the City of Grand Prairie Public Health and Environmental Quality Department.

Submit a paper copy of the Health Permit Application(PDF, 422KB) in person to the Public Health and Environmental Quality Department at City Hall, 300 W. Main Street. Call 972-237-8055 for questions about the application process.

Step 2.Apply for Certificate of Occupancy

For a new business and/or change of ownership, a Certificate of Occupancy Application must be submitted online to the Building Inspections Division. View the Certificate of Occupancy web page for information on the application process.