Food Handler Cards / Certificates

Who is Required to Have a Food Handler Card/Certificate?

Anyone who works in the food industry in Texas and the City of Grand Prairie is required to have a Food Handler Card or Certificate issued by an accredited provider.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers must ensure that all their employees have a Food Handler Card or Certificate within 60 days of hiring. The cards or certificates must be available for inspection at all times. Allowing employees to work without a Food Handler Card or Certificate is a violation of state laws and the City Code of Ordinances.


You can apply for a Food Handler Card/Certificate through the City of Grand Prairie by following the application process listed below, or you can obtain a card/certificate by complete training through a different accredited provider.

Step 1.Review Requirements

The City of Grand Prairie Food Handler Card/Certificate Application requires submitting the following information:

  • Your name, date of birth and contact information
  • Name of your employer
  • Copy of Driver's License or Government ID
  • Selection of a Food Handler Class date (View Food Handler Class Schedule)
  • Payment of fee ($15 for certificate/card, $5 for duplicate card)

Step 2.Apply

Apply for a Food Handler Card/Certificate by calling the Public Health and Environmental Quality Department to register for a Food Handler Class or register in person.

Phone: 972-237-8055

City Hall
300 W. Main Street, 2nd Floor
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

Business Hours:
8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

Step 3.Complete Training

Make sure to arrive to class 15 minutes early. Bring your ID and pay a fee of $15.00.

What Happens Next?

After completing the Food Handler Class, a card/certificate will be issued the same day that the class is completed.

Food Handler Cards issued by the City of Grand Prairie are valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

Other Options

You also have the option to complete training from an accredited food handler class training program other than the City of Grand Prairie to obtain your Food Handler Card/Certificate.

The Texas Health and Human Services website provides a list of accredited providers:

Food handler cards or certificates obtained through accredited providers are not required to be transferred to a city of Grand Prairie food handler card.