Asbestos Abatement

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Who needs an Asbestos Survey?

Asbestos surveys are required for all commercial remodels including additions, renovations, rehabs, retrofitting, demolitions, etc.  Exclusions to the Texas Asbestos Health Protection Rules are private residences and apartment dwellings with no more that four dwelling units. Federal buildings and military installations are excluded from coverage by these rules.

All commercial demolitions are also required to turn in a state notification form along with the asbestos survey. State notification forms are required even when there is no evidence of asbestos. 

Asbestos Surveys Requirements

Download an asbestos survey packet (or pick one up from the City of Grand Prairie Public Health and Environmental Quality Department).

The packet consists of four components:

  • The Information Sheet (Demolition/Remodel Sheet) which must be completed by the General Contractor of the project.
  • Form A is completed by the asbestos surveyor.
  • Form B is completed by a licensed architect or engineer. This form must have the engineers or architects seal affixed to it.
  • State notification form which is required for all demolitions.

The Information DEMO/REMODEL sheet and the FORM A or FORM B is required to be completed and submitted to the Public Health and Environmental Quality Department.

All demolitions and any survey that shows the presence of asbestos, require the state notification form to be submitted as well. Please be advised that any omitted information in the packet will delay the approval of your building permit.

Who can do an asbestos survey? 

An asbestos survey can only be performed by a licensed, company registered with the State of Texas.

The Texas Department of State Health Services website provides more information:

Texas Department of State Health Services PHR 2&3 located in Arlington, Texas

1301 South Bowen Road. Ste 200
Arlington, Texas 76013
Main Number: 817-264-4500
Asbestos – 817-264-4675


What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is an amazingly handy material that has been used as far back as in our early recorded world history and that has just recently (late 1960's) been found to be dangerous to our health. Asbestos has been used most in making ceiling tiles, floor tiles, roof tiles and shingles, siding shingles and wallboards as well as in insulation used in walls and around pipes. It was also used in joint compound and some plaster applications.

Inhaling asbestos (microscopic fibers that are so strong that they stay in the lungs basically forever) for an extended period of time (years) causes mesothelioma which is a rare type of chest cancer and is the reason usage of asbestos has been stopped in America and most of the World. This cancer doesn't develop until about 30 years after exposure when the lungs finally become debilitated.

When asbestos is not removed (mitigated) by professionals the problems associated with it are compounded and may become very difficult or impossible to adequately remove. 

Asbestos Abatement Documents