911 Addressing

Proper addressing is a key element in managing an effective address database for 911 emergency systems, the United States Postal Service, law enforcement agencies, firefighters, utility companies, property assessors, title companies, building permitting, and building inspections. Because of this, it is essential that the accurate assignment and verification of an address be conducted prior to permitting.

The use of an inaccurate address may cause delays in emergency services response times, create mail delivery problems, and slow the development process when applying for building permits and utility services.

General Addressing Policies 

  • The City of Grand Prairie is responsible for assigning addresses to property within city limits.
  • The City will only assign real property with an address, and only after the parcel has been legally platted and filed with the appropriate county records department.
  • The City will only assign one address per parcel with an exception pertaining to multi-tenant structures.
  • Issuance of suite numbers will be allowed only for buildings legally containing multiple tenants.
  • A valid address is required for any building permit to be accepted or reviewed.
  • Failure to provide a valid address and legal description at the time a building permit application is submitted may delay the process or potentially cause the denial of said permit.
  • Any number in conflict with the number officially assigned by the City of Grand Prairie and recorded in Grand Prairie's 911 Address Database will not be recognized as a valid address.  Any applications submitted to building Inspections using the invalid address will not be processed.


Changing an Address

Your address is eligible for change if it meets one or more of the following requirements:

  • Your structure has an address that does not fit into proper numerical sequence with surrounding addresses,
  • causes confusion,
  • is difficult to locate, or
  • does not coincide with driveway entrance.

Request Address Change

Assigning/Verifying an Address

Complete the following online Address Assignment/Verification Request form.

For assigning a new address or verifying an existing address, you will be required to submit a digital copy of the approved or recorded plat.

For assigning or verifying suite/building numbers, you will be required to upload the site plan or floor plan.