Unified Development Code

The City of Grand Prairie, Texas, adopted the Unified Development Code on November 20, 1990 by Ordinance No. 4779. 

The Unified Development Code (or UDC) is a single comprehensive document that is used as the primary guide for development within the city and incorporates procedures, standards, and regulations for zoning and land use applications.

The Articles and Appendices of the Unified Development Code are provided below in PDF format for your convenience.  The Unified Development Code is updated and maintained by the Grand Prairie Planning Department and all information in the online version of this document should be verified with staff prior to application.

Please email msespinoza@gptx.org any questions, comments or to report any inconsistencies in this document. For immediate assistance call (972) 237-8255.

Complete UDC

View the complete Unified Development Code(PDF, 37MB)

UDC Articles

Article 1: General Provisions and Procedures

View Article 1: General Provisions and Procedures(PDF, 791KB)

Section 1: Short Title
Section 2: Authority
Section 3: Jurisdictions
Section 4: Purpose
Section 5: Effective Date and Applicability
Section 6: Applicability of Existing Regulations
Section 7: Relationship to Comprehensive Plan and Thoroughfare Plan
Section 8: Compliance with Code Required
Section 9: Severability
Section 10: Computation of Time
Section 11: General Procedures

Article 2: Authority

View Article 2: Authority(PDF, 708KB)

Section 1: Governing Body
Section 2: Sequence of Review
Section 3: Boards, Commissions, Agencies/Appointment, Term, Procedures
Section 4: Planning and Zoning Commission
Section 5: Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals;
Section 6: Department of Planning
Section 7: Chief Building Official
Section 8: Airport Boards

Article 3: Zoning Districts

Article 3: Zoning Districts(PDF, 167KB)  

Section 1: Zoning Districts Established
Section 2: Statement of Purpose and Intent for Residential Districts
Section 3: Statement of Purpose and Intent for Non-Residential Districts
Section 4: Special Districts
Section 5: Listing of Approved Specific Use Permits
Section 6: Listing of Approved Planned Developments
Section 7: Official Zoning Map
Section 8: District Boundary Interpretation
Section 9: Initial Zoning Upon Annexation

Article 4: Permissible Uses

View Article 4: Permissible Uses(PDF, 1MB)

Section 1 Use Charts (Explanation)
Section 2 Accessory Uses and Structures
Section 3 Non-Residential Use of Modular Structures
Section 4 Earth Satellite Dishes
Section 5 Non-Commercial Radio Towers
Section 6 New and Unlisted Uses
Section 7 Permanent Cosmetics/Piercing Salons
Section 8 Beer and Wine Sales and Drive Through/Drive Up Retail Sales and Services
Section 9 Small Wind Energy Systems
Section 10 Natural Gas Compressor Stations
Section 11 Check Cashing, Pay Check, and Car Title Loan Business
Section 12 Temporary Batch Plants
Section 13 Correctional Facilities
Section 14 Multi-Purpose Special Event Centers
Section 15 Restaurant with an Event Space
Section 16 Lodging Facilities
Section 17 Variety Stores
Section 18 Commissary
Section 19 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Section 20 Battery Energy Storage Systems
Section 21 Use Charts

Article 5: Specific Uses

View Article 5: Specific Uses(PDF, 162KB)

Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Authority
Section 3: Compliance
Section 4: Termination of Specific Use Permit
Section 5: Requirements for Alcoholic Beverage Specific Use Permits

Article 6: Density and Dimensional Requirements

View Article 6: Density and Dimensional Requirements(PDF, 616KB)

Section 1 Single Family Development in Varying Zoning Districts
Section 2 Development Densities
Section 3 Minimum Living Area (Residential)
Section 4 Minimum Lot Size
Section 5 Minimum Yard Setbacks (Residential)
Section 6 Accessory Structures
Section 7 Garage Conversion (Single-Family Residential Only)
Section 8 Building Separation (Residential)
Section 9 Maximum Building Height
Section 10 Maximum Lot Coverage
Section 11 Maximum Floor Area Ratio (F.A.R.)
Section 12 Location of Structures
Section 13 Building Over Common Lot Lines
Section 14 Unified Multi Family Development Over Common Lot Lines
Section 15 Design Recommendations for Single-Family Residential
Section 16 Design Recommendations for Commercial Buildings
Section 17 Compliance with State Law

Article 7: Special Districts

View Article 7: Special Districts(PDF, 318KB)

Section 1:  Planned Development District (PD)
Section 2: Airport Height / Hazard Overlay Districts
Section 3: Hospital District
Section 4: IH-20 Overlay District
Section 5: Beltline Corridor Overlay District
Section 6: Light Industrial-Limited Standards
Section 7: Central Business District
Section 8: SH-161 Overlay District
Section 9: Lakeridge Parkway Overlay District
Section 10: IH-30 Corridor Overlay District
Section 11: SH-360 Corridor Overlay District

Article 8: Landscape and Screening Standards

View Article 8: Landscape and Screening Standards(PDF, 2MB)

Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Definitions
Section 3: Applicability
Section 4: Landscape Irrigation Program
Section 5: Landscape Enhancements
Section 6: Landscape for Residential Development
Section 7: Submittal Requirements
Section 8: Public Improvement Districts
Section 9: Screening
Section 10: Fencing
Section 11: Fencing Exceptions
Section 12: Dimensional Gap Abutting Residential Fences
Section 13: Fence Maintenance
Section 14: Gated Entryway
Section 15: Exhibits and Recommended Varieties

Article 9: Sign Standards

View Article 9: Sign Standards(PDF, 2MB)

Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Objective
Section 3: Definitions
Section 4: Prohibited Signs
Section 5: Allowed Signs Not Needing Permits
Section 6: Multi-Tenant Signs
Section 7: On-Premise Signs
Section 8: Digital Billboards
Section 9: Portable Signs for Non-Profit Agencies
Section 10: Sign Placement
Section 11: Registration of Sign Operators
Section 12: Permit Required
Section 13: nformation to be Shown on Sign
Section 14: Permit Issued on Condition that it may be Withdrawn
Section 15: Disposition of Recoveries
Section 16: Variances to Sign Ordinance
Section 17: Enforcement
Section 18: Jurisdiction

Summary of Sign Types and Development Standards Tables

Article 10: Parking and Loading Standards

View Article 10: Parking and Loading Standards(PDF, 436KB)

Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Applicability
Section 3: General Provisions
Section 4: Minimum Pavement Construction On or Within Private Property
Section 5: Minimum Pavement Construction On or Within Public Right-Of-Way
Section 6: Residential Off-Street/On Site Parking Requirements
Section 7: Off-Street Parking Requirements
Section 8: Accessory Parking Requirements/Non-Residential
Section 9: Off-Street Loading Requirements
Section 10: Handicapped Space Requirements
Section 11: Shared Parking
Section 12: Pay Parking Lots
Section 13: Waivers and Exceptions
Section 14: Maintenance
Section 15: Glare and Lighting Standards
Section 16: Definitions

Article 11: Performance Standards

View Article 11: Performance Standards(PDF, 198KB)

Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Applicability
Section 3: Noise
Section 4: Smoke and Particulate Matter
Section 5: Odorous Matter
Section 6: Fire or Explosive Hazard
Section 7: Toxic and Noxious Matter
Section 8: Vibration
Section 9: Open Storage
Section 10: Glare
Section 11: Air and Water Outlets at Gasoline Service Stations
Section 12: Requirements for On-Premise Sale and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages
Section 13: Infant Changing Stations at Full-Service Restaurants
Section 14: Operation of Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio
Section 15: Definitions

Article 12: Subdivision and Utilities

View Article 12: Subdivision and Utilities(PDF, 690KB)

Section 1 Purpose
Section 2 Applicability
Section 3 Pre-Application Conference / Concept Plan
Section 4 Application Required
Section 5 Administrative Approval
Section 6 Minor Subdivision Plat
Section 7 Preliminary Plat Submittal
Section 8 Preliminary Plat Approval
Section 9 Final Plat Submittal
Section 10 Procedure for Plat Approval
Section 11 Plat Vacations and Replats
Section 12 Final Plat Approval and Recordation
Section 13 Standard Plat Wording
Section 14 Exceptions, Appeals and Dormant Plats
Section 15 Fees
Section 16 Permits and Construction
Section 17 Lots
Section 18 Blocks
Section 19 Design Standards
Section 20 Alleys
Section 21 Water and Wastewater Lines
Section 22 Drainage and Floodplain Management
Section 23 Easements
Section 24 Access Easements
Section 25 Driveways and Fire Lanes
Section 26 Sidewalks
Section 27 Public Facilities
Section 28 Undergrounding Utilities
Section 29 Definitions

Article 13: Building Permits and Construction

View Article 13: Building Permits and Construction(PDF, 169KB)

Section 1:  Permits Required 
Section 2:  Construction Management

Article 14: Drainage

View Article 14: Drainage(PDF, 202KB)

Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Applicability
Section 3: Procedures
Section 4: Policies
Section 5: Design Standards
Section 6: Off-Site Drainage, Easements, and Construction

Article 15: Floodplain Management

View Article 15: Floodplain Management(PDF, 283KB)

Section 1: Statutory Authorization
Section 2: Findings of Fact
Section 3: Statement of Purpose
Section 4: Lands to which this Ordinance Applies
Section 5: Basis for Establishing Areas of Special Flood Hazard
Section 6: Floodways
Section 7: Compliance
Section 8: Abrogation and Greater Restrictions
Section 9: Interpretation
Section 10: Warning and Disclaimer of Liability
Section 11: Disclosure of Floodplain Designation
Section 12: Designation of Floodplain Administrator
Section 13: Duties and Responsibilities of the Floodplain Administrator
Section 14: Floodplain Permit Procedures
Section 15: Provision for Flood Hazard Reduction
Section 16: Specific Standards for Habitable Structures
Section 17: Standards for Subdivision
Section 18: Standards for Streets, Drainage, and Utilities
Section 19: Levee Systems and Flood Relief Channels
Section 20: Variance Procedures
Section 21: Definitions
Section 22: Trinity River Corridor Development Certification
Section 23: Severability
Section 24: Penalties for Non-Compliance
Section 25: Certification of Adoption

Article 16: Site Plan Approval

Article 16: Site Plan Approval(PDF, 759KB)

Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Applicability
Section 3: Approval Authority
Section 4: Approval Criteria for Site Plansbr> Section 5: Initial Submission for Site Plans
Section 6: Submittal Requirements for Site Plans
Section 7: Site Plan Content
Section 8: Administrative Site Plan
Section 9: Approval Criteria for Administrative Site Plans
Section 10: ubmittal Requirements for Administrative Site Plans
Section 11: Amendments to Approved Site Plans
Section 12: Street Naming and Addressing for Multi-Family Site Plans

Article 17: Concept Plans

View Article 17: Concept Plans(PDF, 2MB)

Section 1:  Description and Purpose
Section 2: Applicability
Section 3: Amendments and Appeals
Section 4: Submittal Criteria
Section 5: Review Criteria
Section 6: Coordinate with Preliminary and Final Plats
Section 7: Expiration

Article 19: Non-Conforming Development

View Article 19: Non-Conforming Development(PDF, 623KB)

Section 1: Restrictions Additive
Section 2: Exception to Non-Conforming Status
Section 3: Non-Conforming Uses/Structures
Section 4: Non-Conforming Land Use, Building and/or Structure
Section 5: Damage or Destruction of Non-Conforming Use
Section 6: Change of Non-Conforming Use to a Conforming Use
Section 7: Discontinuance of Non-Conforming Use
Section 8: Amortization of Non-Conforming Uses
Section 9: Change From One Non-Conforming Use to Another Non-Conforming Use
Section 10: Necessary Repairs

Article 21: Enforcement

View Article 21: Enforcement(PDF, 180KB)

Section 1: Compliance Required
Section 2: Notice of Intent to Suspend or Revoke
Section 3: Suspension or Revocation of Permit
Section 4: Suspension of Revocation of Permits Conditioned by a Variance or Special Exception
Section 5: Suspension and Revocation of Site Plan, Specific Use Permit or Subdivision Construction/Engineering
Section 6: Suspension and Revocation of Certificate of Occupancy
Section 7: Non-Compliance with Conditions of Certificate of Occupancy, Specific User Permit, and Variances
Section 8: Cease and Desist Order
Section 9: Appeal of Cease and Desist Order, Revocation or Suspension
Section 10: Criminal Enforcement
Section 11: Civil Remedies

Article 23: Master Transportation Plan

View Article 23: Transportation Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Section 1: General
Section 2: Plan Objectives
Section 3: Existing Conditions
Section 4: Roadway Conditions
Section 5: Roadway Classifications
Section 6: Intersection Design
Section 7: Design Criteria
Section 8: Design Standards
Section 9: Roadway Cross Sections
Section 10: Access Management
Section 11: Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Guidelines
Section 12: On-Street Bike Plan
Section 13: Encroachment of Public Right-Of-Way

Article 24: Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

View Article 24: Wireless Telecommunications Facilities(PDF, 227KB)

Section 1: Purpose and Intent
Section 2: Definitions
Section 3: General Provisions
Section 4: Telecommunications Tower Standards
Section 5: Tower Locations Standards
Section 6: Antenna Mounting Standards
Section 7: Appeals
Section 8: Violation Deemed Nuisance

Table 1: Summary of Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

General Notes

Article 25: Gated Communities, Private Streets

View Article 25: Gated Communities, Private Streets(PDF, 186KB)

Section 1: Definitions
Section 2: Private Subdivisions, Private Streets and Gated Community Requirements

Article 26: Mobile/Manufactured/Modular Home and Recreational Vehicle Regulations

View Article 26: Mobile/Manufactured/Modular Home and Recreational Vehicle Regulations(PDF, 207KB)

Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Definitions
Section 3: State and Federal Requirements
Section 4: Mobile/Manufactured Homes;
Section 5: Recreational Vehicle Trailer Parks
Section 6: Modular Homes/Industrialized Housing
Section 7: Non-Compliance
Section 8: Additions
Section 9: Mobile/Manufactured Homes in Agricultural Districts

Article 30: Definitions

View Article 30: Definitions(PDF, 1MB)

Section 1: Intent
Section 2: Definitions A Through Z


UDC Appendices

APPENDIX A:  Listing of Specific Use Permits(PDF, 624KB)

APPENDIX B:  Listing of Approved Planned Developments(PDF, 338KB)

APPENDIX C:  Listing of Approved Mixed Use Developments(PDF, 114KB)

APPENDIX D:  Parking Layout Design Standards(PDF, 695KB)

APPENDIX E:  Parking and Loading Areas(PDF, 192KB)

APPENDIX F:  Corridor Overlay District Standards(PDF, 1MB)

APPENDIX G:  Design Standards for Signage(PDF, 777KB)

APPENDIX H:  Sidewalk Matrix(PDF, 157KB)

APPENDIX I:  Reserved(PDF, 322KB)

APPENDIX J:  Sample Lot Configuration(PDF, 442KB)

APPENDIX K:  Plot Plan(PDF, 602KB)