Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a policy guide for the development of a city, establishing the legal foundation for enactment and systematic application of zoning, subdivision regulations and other development regulations. It is an effective instrument for budgeting local development funds, coordinating development, and making decisions based upon well-researched and well-conceived criteria.

Grand Prairie's Comprehensive Plan is intended as a 20-year plan that will guide the city's growth and development. As new data becomes available and new trends emerge, they will need to be incorporated into the plan, making it a strategic guide.

Guiding Principles are broad policy areas that guide the overall scope and layout of the Comprehensive Plan updated. These were identified through the baseline understanding of Grand Prairie and through public input. They serve as the basis for the Plan's layout because this structure allows for more thoughtful considerations of how issues are interconnected.


View the 2018 Comprehensive Plan(PDF, 60MB)


Healthy Community

Directly and indirectly influencing factors such as socioeconomic circumstances, environmental exposures, and behavioral patterns with the intent of improving community health and wellness.

Smart Community

Leveraging technology and the internet to improve municipal operations such as communication, innovation, data analytics, transportation, and infrastructure.

Sustainable Community

Providing for the current population while preserving resources for the next generation. Divided into three areas: environmental, economic, and social.