Development Process

Online Application Process

The City of Grand Prairie accepts applications online through the Customer Self-Service portal

Customer Self-Service Portal Guides

How to Create Customer Self-Service Login(PDF, 269KB)

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Customer Self-Service Guide for Development Review Committee Comments(PDF, 2MB)


Development Guide

Anytime an owner of property decides to develop their land they must first obtain municipal permission to construct any structure which requires a building permit within the City of Grand Prairie. This process can be simple when obtaining a permit to construct a room addition, or it can become fairly complex when developing a large commercial center or industrial warehouse. The City of Grand Prairie’s Development Guide(PDF, 807KB)  outlines the process in detail.

Steps in the Development Process

The following are the recommended steps for pursuing development cases related to platting, zoning and exceptions.

Step 1.Schedule a Pre-Application meeting

A Pre-Application Meeting is an informational meeting with city staff to help applicants prepare a development application for submission to the Planning Division and identify any major issues that the proposed project may encounter after submission.

The Planning Division will not accept an application without first having a Pre-Application Meeting with the applicant.

Pre-Application Meetings are held every Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  Each meeting is scheduled for 30 minutes.

Due to the high demand for these meetings, Pre-Application Meetings are being scheduled weeks in advance. Please plan accordingly.

Schedule a Pre-Application Meeting

Step 2.Check the Development Schedule

The Development Schedule displays the dates and meeting time of each public hearing, as well as the due dates, staff meetings, and property owner notifications (PON's). This calendar also gives the submission deadlines for each development cycle.

Development Calendar(PDF, 73KB)

Step 3.Submit Development Application

All development applications must be submitted through the City of Grand Prairie’s Customer Self-Service portal by the deadline indicated on the Development Calendar(PDF, 73KB) .

Customer Self-Service Portal Help Options:

View the Development Applications web page for information on submittal requirements.

Step 4.Development Review Committee Meeting

The Development Review Committee (DRC) is a inter-agency committee comprised of representatives from various government agencies and utility companies such as SBC, ONCOR, ATMOS Energy, ATT&T, and the city's Departments of Planning, Building Inspections, Transportation, Engineering, Fire and Law Enforcement.

DRC members discuss development application submissions with planning staff at regularly scheduled Pre-DRC meetings – which are generally scheduled for one week after the submission deadline. Each department provides written Pre-DRC comments for each case reviewed by the DRC. The planning staff ensures that those comments are conveyed to the applicant, and that they understand what is needed to proceed to the next steps towards approval. Planners then prepare recommendations that are presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission as part of a public hearing.

DRC meetings are staff only.

Upon request, staff will meet with community representatives to discuss relevant issues about all development application submissions. To schedule a meeting, please contact the Planning Division at (972) 237-8255 or email

Before the DRC meeting, applicants must submit revisions addressing Pre-DRC comments through the Customer Self-Service portal. City staff will review the updated plans during the DRC meeting.

Step 5.Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

The Planning & Zoning Commission is an advisory body and adjunct to the City Council, and can make recommendations on all applications for rezoning, site plans, requests for specific use permits, zoning ordinance amendments and exception cases. The commission has been charged by the state and by the City Council to solely act upon and approve or deny all plats that are submitted to the City of Grand Prairie.

The Planning & Zoning Commission is composed of nine members that have been appointed by the Mayor and the City Council. Appointees must not conduct business as a supplier or vendor to the city. The Commission meets twice a month at 6:30 p.m.

Step 6.City Council Meeting

The City of Grand Prairie practices a Council-Manager form of government.  As the Legislative body of this form of government, the City Council serves as the link between the citizens of Grand Prairie and their municipal government. Through the enactment of orders, ordinances, and resolutions the Council represents the diverse interests of the city's residential base while still ensuring the efficient and effective allocation of public services and resources.

Step 7.Municipal/County Filing Requirements

For Plats Only:

Prior to filing with the county, applicants will be required to receive city approval and signatures from the Planning Division.

After filing with the county, applicants will be required to provide the City of Grand Prairie with one 24" x 36" reproducible black ink mylar with original signatures from the engineer/surveyor and the county prior to receiving final addressing and building permits.