Final Project Acceptance

Preliminary Walk-through (or Pre-walk Inspection) 

When project utilities, final grade verification(DOCX, 7KB) , and paving are complete, and final stabilization nears completion; the developer or representative will schedule a Pre-Walk Inspection of the site with the City Inspector to review the project completion status and discuss final acceptance requirements.

Call the Engineering Department at 972-237-8321 if you need help reaching an inspector to schedule the Preliminary Walk-through.

This meeting is a mandatory requirement for final walk-through, and final project acceptance and occupancy.

The Engineer of Record shall submit one half-size (11”x17”) bond set of preliminary record drawings for review to the City Inspector prior to the preliminary walk-through. The preliminary record drawing set shall include any field changes, and show actual built conditions; revision notations and clouds are to be reflected on the preliminary record drawings. The City of Grand Prairie inspectors shall review this set for accuracy and use it during the Pre-Walk, and Final Walk-Through Inspection.

Upload record drawings as digital files through the Customer Self-Service portal.

Final Walk-through

The developer will schedule a Final Walk-Through with the City Inspector once the preliminary record drawings have been submitted and reviewed by the City Inspector, and the preliminary punch list is complete. Scheduling is subject to availability of Public Works representatives, and is only during normal business hours. The Engineer of Record is to attend the preliminary walk-through, or, the final walk-through as an absolute minimum.

Call the Engineering Department at 972-237-8321 if you need help reaching an inspector to schedule the Final Walk-through.

Final Record Drawings

To receive final acceptance, the Engineer of Record must submit a final set of digital record drawings, including revisions per comments/punch lists made during the Pre-Walk and Final Walk-Through.

Upload final set of record drawings as digital files through the Customer Self-Service portal

The final set of record drawings must include the following:

  • All sheets combined into a single PDF
  • Cover and design sheets stamped with the City’s standard record drawing stamp, signed and dated by the Engineer of Record.
  • 22”x34” sized sheets, printable to true half size.
  • Revision notations shown, in the title block for example, but any clouding to be removed for clarity of overall drawing.
  • File naming convention for record drawings PDF: [CFN#]-[X#]-[Title] where
    • CFN# is the City File number, X# is the project tracking number, and Title is the name of the project, generally based on the title shown on the cover sheet.
    • Example record drawing filename: W812-X2020-14-Playgrand-Adventures-Parking-Expansion

Refer to the Record Drawing Submittal Guide(PDF, 541KB) for the complete requirements to submit Record Drawings.

Final Acceptance

In addition to the record drawings, the Engineer of Record must submit a letter requesting final acceptance by the City.

Download Standard Letter of Acceptance Request template(DOC, 30KB)

Prior to final acceptance of public improvements, Developer or Engineer of Record must complete and submit the Final Acceptance Checklist(PDF, 187KB).

Upload the Standard Letter of Acceptance Request and Final Acceptance Checklist documents through the Customer Self-Service portal

The Development Coordinator, Inspector Supervisor, and Project Inspector will review the final record drawings for completeness. Once verified by the Development Coordinator and City Inspector, a final acceptance letter will be issued by the City Engineer stating that the inspection and testing of the project have met the standards of the City of Grand Prairie.

Issuance of the letter of acceptance will precede any release of a full certificate of occupancy or the release of any building permits for signal family homes within a residential subdivision.