How do I recycle?

Recycle at the curb once a week on your recycling day by placing recyclable items in the city's green bin and/or blue bag.

New water bill customers get their first green bin free by showing their most recent water bill at one of the locations below (to show that you are paying for a Solid Waste service in Grand Prairie). Additional bins are just $5 each.

  • Grand Prairie Landfill
    1102 MacArthur Blvd., Grand Prairie TX 75050
    (Call 972-237-4550 to confirm hours.)
  • Prairie Paws Adoption Center
    2222 W. Warrior Trail, Grand Prairie TX 75052
    (Call 972-237-8575 to confirm hours.)
  • Lake Parks Operations Center
    5610 Lake Ridge Parkway, Grand Prairie TX 75052
    (Call 972-237-4135 to confirm hours.)
  • Fire Station #9
    315 Polo Road, Grand Prairie TX 75052

What do I recycle and not recycle?

Recycle the following items at the curb:

(Place the following items in your green bin and/or blue bag.)

  • Steel, tin, and aluminum cans. Don't worry about removing the paper labels, but please rinse out all cans.
  • Paper items. Newspapers, magazines, coupons, junk mail and envelopes, flattened cereal and cardboard boxes, phone books, etc., will be collected. Cardboard boxes must be flattened and placed under the bin.
  • Glass items. All glass bottles, regardless of color, may be recycled. Please rinse all bottles and jars and remove caps and lids. No auto/window glass allowed.
  • Plastic items. All plastics marked 1 through 7 are now accepted for recycling. Please look for the number within the recycling symbol Recycle icon on plastic items. Styrofoam and plastic bags are not accepted. The lids may be left on but make sure that there are no residual liquids. Rule of thumb: If you can poke through the plastic with your finger, it cannot be placed in the recycling bin. 

Residential Recycling Guidelines

  • Residents must use an 18-gallon green bin or clear blue plastic bags for collection of recyclables.
  • Recyclables do not need to be separated — bottles and jars, plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum cans, steel cans, newspapers, magazines, phone books, junk mail and boxes may go in together.
  • Bins may be used for all recyclables. However, brown paper sacks may still be used for paper items such as newspapers, magazines, phone books and junk mail.
  • Cardboard boxes need to be flattened and placed under the bin.



Do NOT recycle the following items at the curb:

  • Batteries or electronics
  • Plastic bags (Many grocery stores like Wal-Mart, Tom Thumb and Kroger offer plastic bag recycling stations)
  • Hazardous or toxic product containers (View Household Hazardous Waste disposal information)
  • Flower pots, plastic toys
  • Frozen food bags
  • Plastic and metal hangers
  • Light bulbs, drinking glasses, other glassware
  • Food and wet waste, food contaminated paper plates and napkins, pizza boxes
  • Styrofoam containers, Styrofoam peanuts or packing
  • Chip bags
  • Propane tanks
  • Window / auto glass / mirrors
  • Medical waste such as needles, syringes and lancets (View medical waste disposal information)
  • Electronics (View electronics recycling information)



When do I recycle?

Find your recycling day on the map (residential recycling is collected on one of a citizens' regular garbage days).

Set your recycling bin outside before 7 a.m. on your recycling day (but no earlier than 8 p.m. on the day before collection). Return your bin to a convenient location.



Recycling Outside the Bin

If you are interested in recycling items other than paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum or plastic and have a significant amount of such item(s), please visit, a website sponsored by the North Texas Council of Governments in order to find a place to take your item(s) or visit, which is a community supported resource and is free.



Commercial Bag Service Customers

Commercial bag service customers are also eligible to participate in the curbside program by subscribing online. After subscribing, an 18-gallon green plastic bin is delivered to the business within a few weeks. Business recycling will then be picked up curbside once each week. The fee for this convenience is $2 per month.