Free Grease Funnels!

Published on November 17, 2023

Grease funneled into glasses

Fats, cooking oil and grease (FOGs) can clog drains. When a sewer pipe is clogged, raw sewage can come up through cleanouts or city manholes, contaminating soil and waterways.

Pick up a free grease funnel so that you can pour your FOGs into non-leaking containers with lids! Save the container in the fridge or freezer until the next Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Day in March 2024.

Register here for HHW Collection Day or call 972-237-8055.

If you have questions, call 972-237-2042.

Free grease funnels will be available at the following locations until Friday, Dec. 29, 2023:

  • City Hall, 300 W. Main St.
  • Main Library, 901 Conover Dr.
  • Warmack Library, 760 Bardin Rd.
  • Shotwell Library, 2750 Graham St.