Garbage & Recycling Schedule

The City of Grand Prairie provides garbage collection to each residence twice a week.

Recycling collection is on Wednesdays. Separate trucks pick up garbage and recycling. 

There will be no garbage or recycling collection on holidays. 

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Garbage and Recycling Calendar

Stay up to date with our garbage collection schedule, including holiday schedules, by checking our Garbage Collection Calendar below or download a copy to keep(PDF, 87KB).

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Map of Garbage and Recycling Zones

Beginning Oct. 2, 2023, garbage pick-up days will be:

Area 1 (North of Warrior Trail)

Garbage Days: Tuesday, Friday

Area 2 (South of Warrior Trail)

Garbage Days: Monday, Thursday

View new Garbage Route Map (effective Oct. 2)(PNG, 41KB)

Beginning Oct. 2, 2023 recycling will be collected on Wednesday.

Area 1 

Recycling Day: Wednesday

View new Recycling Route Map (effective Oct. 2)(JPEG, 31KB)

Geographic Area Garbage
Recycling Day
Area 1(North of Warrior Trail) Tuesday,
Area 2(South of Warrior Trail) Monday,

Collection Change FAQs

Why is the garbage/recycling pickup schedule changing?

  • The City of Grand Prairie is updating the garbage/recycling pickup schedule to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in waste collection services.

How will the new garbage pickup schedule work?

  • The new schedule will involve two areas: one north of Warrior Trail and one south of Warrior Trail. Residents in the north area (AREA 1) will have their garbage picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays, while residents in the south area (AREA 2) will have their garbage picked up on Mondays and Thursdays.

Will my garbage pickup frequency change?

  • No, your garbage pickup frequency will remain the same. You will still have your garbage picked up twice a week.

What about recycling pickup?

  • Recycling pickup will also see a change. It will now occur once a week, every Wednesday, for all residents.

How can I find out which zone I'm in?

  • If you live north of Warrior Trail, then your garbage days are Tuesday and Friday. If you live south of Warrior Trail, then your garbage days are Monday and Thursday. We will provide detailed area maps on our official city website, and you can also contact us for assistance in determining your area.

Will the collection times remain the same?

  • Collection times may vary slightly due to the changes. We recommend placing your garbage and recycling bins out for pickup by 7:00 AM on the designated days to ensure timely collection.

What should I do with my current recycling bins?

  • You can continue using your existing bins.

How will this change impact holiday schedules?

  • When there is a holiday, your materials will be collected the next day.  For instance, if your new trash days are Monday and Thursday, and the holiday falls on a Monday, then your trash will be collected Tuesday.  Tuesday’s garbage will be collected on Wednesday, Wednesday’s recycling will be collected on Thursday, Thursday’s trash on Friday, and Friday’s trash on Saturday.  On the following Monday, the normal collection schedule will resume.

When will this new schedule take effect?

  • The new garbage/recycling pickup schedule will begin October 2. Please ensure that you're following the new schedule from that date onward.