Zoning Verification

What is Zoning Verification?

The Planning Division provides two different types of zoning verification letters:

  • Zoning letter type will verify a property’s current zoning and indicate if a specified use is allowed in the applicable zoning district.
  • Variance letter type will verify if the Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals has approved any Variances or Special Exceptions on the specified property.

Application Process

Step 1.Step 1. Apply

You must apply online for Zoning Verification through the Customer Self-Service portal. First-time users will need a valid email address to set up an account, which takes five minutes.

Questions? Call the Planning Division at 972-237-8255 or visit in person for help submitting your application.

Step 2.What Happens Next?

Staff will send a .pdf of the signed zoning verification letter via e-mail. In addition, the Planning staff will mail the original signed letter if requested on the application.

The Planning Division’s goal is to complete the letters within ten business days.



Application Submittal Requirements:

  • Map, survey, or plat that delineates the property boundaries*
  • Property address
  • Lot, block, and subdivision (if platted)
  • Application Fee (after verifying that the application submittal is complete, staff will send you an invoice for the application fee)

*Upload documents during the online application process through the Customer Self-Service portal.


The fee for zoning verification is $50.00 

The fee for variance verification is $50.00

The fee for zoning/variance verification is $100.00

You can also use the Customer Self-Service Fee Estimator tool to view fees.

Once you submit your application, the Planning staff will verify that your application is complete and send you an invoice for the application fee.