Retiree Wellness Benefits

MDLIVE/ Virtual Visits 

There’s never a convenient time to get sick. But now you have access to a board-certified doctor around the clock for non-emergency health issues. Connect by mobile app, online video or telephone.  Virtual visits typically cost less than going to the doctor. Register at or by calling 1-888-680-8646.


When your doctor recommends surgery, call SurgeryPlus. They will help you find a board-certified surgeon with an extensive history of quality care, set up your initial consultation, and walk you through each step of the planning process. SurgeryPlus negotiates all costs before you have surgery, then coordinates the payment for you. They offer pre-negotiated, bundled rates, ultimately lowering costs up to 50% of what you and the city might have paid. The bonus? Your co-insurance is waived if you use SurgeryPlus!

To learn more about Surger Plus, visit gptx.surgeryplus.comClick “Register Now” and then complete all necessary fields along with the access code: Raving Fans!


Omada® is a personalized program designed to help you reach your health goals, whether that’s losing weight or improving your
overall health. You’ll get a dedicated health coach and the latest technology to support you in making lasting changes that fit your life, one step at a time.

  • Eat healthier: Learn how to enjoy every meal, no deprivation required.
  • Move smarter: Discover easy ways to increase activity and boost your energy.
  • Overcome challenges: Gain skills that allow you to break barriers to change.
  • Strengthen habits: Zero in on what works for you, and find lasting motivation.
  • Improve your overall health: Make gradual changes to the way you eat, move, sleep, and manage stress.

More good news: If you or your adult family members are enrolled in our Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas health plan and are at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease, the Omada program is included in your benefits.

Find if you are eligible at:


The Livongo for Diabetes and Livongo for Hypertension programs make living with diabetes and high blood pressure easier by providing you with an exclusive connected blood glucose meter and blood pressure cuff, unlimited strips and lancets, a mobile app to view and track all of your readings and received a personalized report, and personalized health coaching.

Eligible Members: The program is provided to you and your family members with diabetes or high blood pressure and coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX).

Here’s what you get when you join Livongo:

  • Unlimited Strips: Get as many strips as you need, in addition to a free blood glucose monitor and blood pressure monitor, at no extra charge.
  • Tips to Help You Stay on Track: Receive useful information that will help you manage your blood sugar and blood pressure and feel your best.
  • Coaching When You Need It Most: Our Livongo coaches are Certified Diabetes Educators who support you in your journey to better health.
  • Safety and Security: Your information is safe with us. View and access your records anytime. Share it with your doctors if and when you want to.

Join Today:

We are continually looking for ways to add programs that will enhance our benefits offering and help maintain and improve your health and the health of your family members. If you have any questions about this program, please visit the Livongo website or call Livongo Member Support at (800) 945-4355.

El programa Livongo para diabetes está disponible en Español. Para registrarse en Español, llame al (800)945-4355 o visite

NOTE: Members must have primary insurance coverage through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) plan offering the Livongo program. For Administrative Services Only (ASO) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) only. Not available for Fully Insured (FI) or Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO).