History of Grand Prairie, Texas

Grand Prairie Historical Recap

Tall grasses sway in the breeze. A coyote rests beneath a thick layer of underbrush. And in the distance, a red-tailed hawk rides a thermal wave, its sharp eyes watchful for small prey. Such was the scene greeting early settlers to Grand Prairie... The City of Grand Prairie incorporated as a city in 1909, founded by Alexander McRae Dechman.... [Read Historical Recap]

Historic Grand Prairie: An Illustrated History

The Grand Prairie Historic Organization's "Historic Grand Prairie" book, by Kathy Goolsby, is on sale for $35. In a beautiful illustrated format, the easy and entertaining read recaps the city's history from the 1840s to the 1950s. Lovely as a gift, coffee table book or in your private collection, Historic Grand Prairie is a must have for Grand Prairie old timers and new timers alike. [gphistorical.com]

Historical Markers

Grand Prairie has more than 60 locations designated as Significant Landmarks. [View List]

Walking Tour Map of Historic Downtown

Take a stroll down Main Street and learn what it looked like in 1950 using this historic downtown walking tour map.

Chronological City Council/Mayors

View City Council Members Present and Former(PDF, 152KB)
(Grand Prairie City Council Members Chronological by Service Time)

View Grand Prairie Mayors Present and Former(PDF, 23KB)
(Grand Prairie Mayors Chronological by Service Time)