Green and Clean Campus Program

The Green and Clean Campus Program is a cooperative effort between the City of Grand Prairie and schools in Grand Prairie, which includes schools from Grand Prairie ISD, Arlington ISD, and some Charter schools. This partnership seeks to provide educators with the tools necessary to encourage their students to make a difference in their community.
GCCP promotes the three main pillars of Keep Texas Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful: litter prevention, recycling, and beautification. Curriculum based activities may come from Waste in Place or Junior Master Gardener.
Participating schools are all working towards growing environmentally educated youth who impact their families, community and the future by learning to take personal responsibility for the environment. Each campus has the ability to adapt GCCP activities to their own campus and student needs allowing an even greater application of related topics.


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The partnership was first launched in 1998 with five campuses. One of the early goals was to encourage the city to provide curbside recycling to the community. This could be accomplished by reaching children in the schools who would in turn train their parents how to be responsible recyclers.

The demand created by the community to facilitate recycling at the curbside helped launch a pilot program in 2000.  Wildly popular, this single-stream program produces enough material that, combined with some neighboring communities, it necessitated a new material recovery facility that sorts and markets items. This is a triple-win for the environment because the recycled materials offset the use of virgin materials for processing, are not taking up valuable space in the landfill AND are not causing pollution in our local waterways!