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Floodplain & Stormwater

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With over 19,000 acres of floodplain, the City of Grand Prairie participates in the National Flood Insurance Program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Learn more about floodplain development requirements, city-wide master drainage plan road map, flood insurance rate maps and more. 

Rainfall and Water Levels in Real Time

Access Grand Prairie rainfall maps, water level maps and weather conditions in real time through the city's Real-Time Stream Gauge Data website. You can use the site to find out if local roads are closed and if creeks are flooding during rain events. 

Drainage and Design Requirements

To manage proper drainage infrastructure and erosion control, the Engineering Division reviews drainage plans for building permits and development; maintains the standard details for construction; and investigates drainage, erosion or EPA construction and pollution complaints. 

Stormwater and the Environment

The City's Environmental Quality Division shares the importance of protecting our watersheds including information on stream monitoring, properly disposing of cooking oils and pet waste, how to use lawn chemicals and more.

Stormwater Management Program

In response to regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency connected to the federal Clean Water Act, the City of Grand Prairie implemented a Stormwater Management Program to seek out and eliminate, to the maximum extent practical, pollutants carried by stormwater.