Tool Lending Trailer - FAQ

Welcome to our Tool Lending Trailer program! All tool pickups and drop-offs will be centralized at one location – Tourism Information Center – 2170 N. Belt Line Rd, 75050.

Our pickup days will be held on Thursday's and/or Friday's from 09:00 AM to 4:30 PM, while returns will be made on Monday's and/or Tuesday's from 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM. This scheduling ensures that you have the entire weekend to tackle your tasks.

We kindly ask you to make reservations in advance through our online form, via telephone at 972-237-2014, or text at 945-283-4928

Thank you for being part of our Tool Lending Trailer program, and we look forward to continuing to serve you!

What is the Tool Sharing Program?

We offer a variety of tools and equipment you may reserve and check out for free so you can complete cleanup, lawn maintenance and home repair tasks.

Is there a cost to check out tools?

No. Tools are available for use free of charge.

Where do I pickup the tool/s?

The pickup/drop-off location will be at the Tourism Information Center - Thursday's and/or Friday's from 09:00 a.m. - 04:30 p.m., returns on Monday's and/or Tuesday's from 09:00 a.m. - 04:30 p.m.

How do I borrow a tool?

Visit our Tool Lending Trailer Page to fill out our online form, call 972-237-2014, or text 945-283-4928 to make a reservation.

Reservations should be made no later than Tuesday by 5pm before the pick-up date. You will receive a phone call and email with regards to the status of your reservation.

You are required to confirm your reservation by Thursday at Noon. If we do not receive confirmation of your reservation, it will be cancelled.

Be sure to check your spam email in case confirmation is sent there instead of your regular inbox.

What types of tools are available

We have tools and equipment available for:

  • mowing
  • yard maintenance
  • fence repair
  • landscaping
  • tree and shrub trimming
  • pressure washing
  • painting
  • household repairs.

Visit our Tool Lending Trailer page

What information do I need to provide to check out tools?

Proof of Grand Prairie residence such as a current Water or other Utility Bill, and identification such as a Driver's License or other Government Issued ID.

Is a deposit required?

No. Just provide proof of Grand Prairie residence, a copy of your identification, and complete our waiver(DOCX, 34KB).

How long can I keep a tool?

Three (3) calendar days.

How many tools may I check out at one time?

Up to four (4) tools may be checked out from one category at a time.

Can I check out tools or equipment more than once?

Yes, however you may only make one reservation at a time.

Once completed, you may reserve the same or different tools or equipment.

Will you show me how to use the tools or equipment?

You will be provided a copy of any guides or owner's/operator's manual that came with the tool or equipment.

Most manufacturers also have video tutorials on their website or YouTube.

Will personal protective equipment be provided?

Depending on the tools or equipment checked out we have earplugs, safety glasses, dust masks and hard hats available.

Are supplies such as fence pickets or paint included?

No, you'll need to purchase the materials needed for a project or repair.

What if a tool I've checked out is damaged or lost?

  • Please contact us immediately
  • If a tool breaks during normal use, we will either replace the tool or schedule another reservation if that tool is not currently available.

  • If a tool is damaged outside of normal wear and tear, or is lost, you may be held responsible for repair or replacement.

What if I'm injured or damage property while using the tools or equipment?

The City is not responsible or liable for any injury or damage as it relates to use of these tools or equipment.

Use of these tools and equipment is at your own risk.

Residents must not use these tools or equipment in an unlawful or dangerous manner, or in any manner not in accordance with any user manual.

Can I use these tools or equipment for work?

No, commercial use is not allowed.

These tools and equipment are available for Grand Prairie residents to use at home to maintain or repair their property.

Is the trailer itself available to checkout?

No, if you need to use a trailer, you may try searching online for trailer or equipment rentals in your area.

Some vehicle rental or moving truck companies have trailers as well.

Do I need to perform maintenance of tools or equipment?

No, all tools/equipment will be inspected and any maintenance performed between uses.