Streets Report or Request

For issues not listed here, please call Transportation and Mobility Services - Streets at 972-237-8525.

Request for Street Service

Submit your request for service using the online form below, or call 972-237-8525 during normal business hours.

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Report Pothole

A report can also be made by calling 972-237-8525, Monday - Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

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Report Street Light Outage

Most of the neighborhood street lights belong to the power company, and you can report outages directly using the online Oncor Street Light Reporting web page. Or, you may call 972-237-8525 or submit the online form below for city staff to forward your request to Oncor.

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Report Signal Light Problem

To report a signal problem, call 972-237-8525 or submit the online form below.

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Report a Brush Pickup Issue

Request Sign or Marking Maintenance

Emergency and Regular Line Locates for Fiber

To report or request emergency and regular Line Locates for Fiber and Traffic signals, call 972-237-8525.


Request Speed Cushions

Please visit the Speed Cushion Policy page for more information.