Business Vitality Program

The purpose of this program is to improve the facilities for business in the Central Business Area. It also has a focus on providing businesses and services to the community that are not currently provided. Businesses can apply for up to a $45,000 grant. The applicants will be reviewed by a committee and prioritized by need. The Committee will consist of the Downtown Manager, Downtown Coordinator, and a representative of the City Manager's Office.

Improvement Categories

Façade Improvements

Improvements to the exterior of a building that are visible from public right-of-way. Improvements may include awnings, replacement of windows and doors, code compliance issues, signage, and restoration of historical façade design elements that may be missing or in disrepair.

Other exterior and interior improvements and equipment to attract unique businesses not currently provided downtown will be considered. These improvements can include but are not limited to grease traps, ventilation hoods, roll up doors.

Façade Improvement Examples

The City partnered with business owners and funded an initiative to revitalize storefronts along Main Street. The following are a few of the before and after photos.

109 E. Main Street Before:

109 E Main Street before facade improvements

109 E. Main Street After:

109 E Main Street after facade improvements

113-115 E. Main Street Before:

113-115 E Main Street before facade improvements

113-115 E. Main Street After:

113-115 E Main Street after facade improvements

116 E. Main Street Before:

116 E Main Street before facade improvements

116 E. Main Street After:

116 E. Main Street after facade improvements

Mural Program

To create or restore murals on the outside of a business. The maximum amount of grant funding that can be used towards mural installation is 10,000 (.5 to 1 match up to 10,000) The mural must be consistent with the vision and history of Grand Prairie. It must fall into the intended family friendly atmosphere.


  •  In order to qualify for funding the project cost must exceed $10,000. The city will provide a 50/50 match up to $45,000. The applicant will fund the first 50% of payments. The city will fund the remaining 50% of the payments.
  • Must be a current or prospective business in the Central Business Area.
  • If property is sold or the business closes within 24 months of receiving grant funding, the grant funding shall be repaid to the city.
  • Must be operational for 30 hours a week.
  • Proof of the applicant’s ownership of the subject facility, or proof that the owner of such facility has approved the application for such grant funds is required.
  • If approved, business may not reapply until 24 months has elapsed from project completion and payment of previous grant.
  • Grant applicants must provide at least 2 estimates for the entire grant project.


To apply, please submit the application form(PDF, 246KB) with supporting documentation to the City Manager's Office at 300 W. Main St. or email to