Friendship Hours Employee Participation

Thank you for participating in Friendship Hours! Friendship Hours were created so we can better serve Grand Prairie and allow employees to do community work that they are passionate about while getting to know the residents of the City.

We are so grateful you chose to go above and beyond to further build relationships with the citizens of Grand Prairie. The contacts you made have further the community mindset of Grand Prairie, build bonds, and give fulfillment. We want to memorialize this experience and celebrate the giving of your time.

Process for Implementing Friendship Hours

  1. Once you have a desired project in mind, email Gerald the name of the organization or event so he can vet them to make sure everything is approved. Most charitable organizations will be approved.  Also, if it is a team event please list the team. Teams can have members of different workgroups.
  2. Talk to your director about the desired date and times of the event so they can approve those times hours. Supervisors have to approve hours since they are managing tasks and manpower.
  3. Once you are finished with the event fill out the form below. Unfortunately, right now each person will have to fill out a separate form. We may consider a team form later. My suggestion if operating as a group, designate one person to take pictures.
Friendship day pay code FRND


Click here to view form.