External Initiatives

Mayor’s Ride Out Program

Community leaders ride out with GPPD Officers to see firsthand the work, challenges, successes and relationships that transpire during an officer’s shift.

Mayor’s Ride Out Program

Wisdom Wednesday “Their Story, Our History”

Grand Prairie citizens ages 50+ will be interviewed with the intent of their stories receiving airtime on GPTV and social media to combat ageism while allowing a rich history to be told through the eyes of those who lived it.

Don Smarto

Dr. Vern Alexander

Freddie Evans



Community Conversations



Unify Grand Prairie Day

The City of Grand Prairie always seeks to be at the forefront of community engagement and partnering to provide a better quality of life for everyone in Grand Prairie.  Often, our youth are curious about local government, the role of first responders, and the court system. They are often left with questions and misconceptions that are not addressed. That’s why, we are starting the Unify Grand Prairie program.

Unify Grand Prairie is a one-day program where City employees and Grand Prairie police officers will take students on a tour of various city facilities to learn and hear from corresponding staff members. Participants will visit the police station where students will participate in a group discussion, perform a mock traffic stop, and eat pizza with a police officer. Participants will tour the City Courthouse and hear from judges and/or city attorneys about the day-to-day operations of the courts. Students will then visit City Hall to hear about the role of City government and learn about the many jobs it takes to operate the City of Grand Prairie.  Participants will end their day touring a Fire Station and learning from a Firefighter.

The Unify Grand Prairie program is scheduled for the following Thursdays during the summer beginning at 8:30 am and ending at 4:00 pm:

Unify Grand Prairie