Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine

An infestation of the destructive Emerald Ash borer beetle has been confirmed in Tarrant and Dallas County.

The quarantine for all brush has been lifted.

Residents May:

  1. Leave bundled brush on curb on your regular garbage collection day for pickup by Republic Services.
  2. Leave brush on curb to be collected by the City Brush Crew during your regularly scheduled once-per-month Zone service. Find your brush zone
  3. Bring brush to landfill for disposal.

All species of ash are susceptible to the destructive insect. Infested trees die within two to five years. For more information, call 972-237-8525.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about grass clippings?

Republic Services and/or the Brush Crew will not pick up grass clippings. FYI: Leaving your grass clippings on the lawn after you mow allows them to work back into the soil for a more natural and beautiful lawn. Grass clippings also make excellent compost for gardens. Otherwise, you can bag your clippings and bring them to the Grand Prairie Landfill for disposal.

What do I do with weeds I pull?

You may put hand pulled weeds in with your regular trash for pick up in your twice weekly garbage collection.

What about shrubs and leaves?

You may put shrub clippings, raked leaves and pulled weeds in garbage bags and place on the curb with your regular twice weekly garbage pick up. Shrub and tree limbs are to be placed on the curb for your regular once-per-month brush zone pick up (view Brush Zone Schedule). The city's Brush Crew will not pick up bags, only tree limbs and brush.

I don’t have ash trees. Can I put my bundled limbs and branches of all my non-ash trees out with my garbage?

You may place your bundles of limbs and branches (no more than 6 foot in length or 50 pounds in weight) on the curb for pick up with your regular garbage. Or, you may place unbundled tree limbs and branches on the curb for Brush Collection pick up once a month Zone Service. Find your brush zone. Or you may bring your brush and limbs to the landfill.