Permit Holder Responsibilities

  • Provide your monitoring company with the permit numbers issued to you.
  • The permit holder, to whom the permit is issued, is responsible for compliance with the regulations of the alarm ordinance.
  • You are encouraged to display the permit(s) as a crime prevention measure, but you are not required to display the permit.
  • If you move or discontinue your monitoring services, you are required to notify the Alarm Department so that permits can be cancelled, and balances, if any, are paid.
  • All permits must be renewed annually.

Permit holder must ensure that the alarm mechanism is adjusted to suppress false indication due to:

  • Transient pressure changes in water pipes
  • Flashes of lights
  • Wind noise cause by rattling or vibration of windows or doors
  • Vehicular noise
  • Electrical power fluctuations
  • Other forces unrelated to an actual emergency.

An alarm will not be considered "false" if it is determined that the alarm was caused by:

  • Natural or man made catastrophe
  • Vandalism
  • Telephone line outage
  • Severe weather, causing damage to the premises.

After the third false alarm, the resident or business will receive a "Repeat False Alarm" letter. The letter advises the owner to have the alarm system checked for problems caused by the system and to ensure proper training on usage of alarm system. Survey shows that 99% of alarms are false.

The Permit Holder must also ensure that

  • An authorized person responds to the scene of any alarm within 30 minutes when requested to do so by the Police Department
  • Audible alarms are adjusted so that the alarm will sound for NO LONGER than 30 minutes, and must reset before sounding again
  • "DIRECT DIAL" alarms, which cause a recorded message to be telephoned directly into the Police Department, must be connected only with a specifically designated telephone number that will be furnished by the Police Department. Any such alarms currently dialing primary or secondary police telephones lines will be in violation of the Ordinance

For further clarification of the Ordinance, please call Alarm Permits at 972-237-8652, Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m.