Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS)

MyTMRS Account 

How does MyTMRS work?

To use this secure online service, you must first register and set up your user name, password, and security questions. After that, you may access account information, such as your beneficiary, retirement option chosen, and year-to-date annuity payment information. Also, 1099-R forms, account statements, and annuity verification letters may be viewed and printed through MyTMRS. With MyTMRS, you are also able to change your address, phone number, email address, beneficiary (in cases that do not require spousal consent), and withholding information. To set-up a MyTMRS account, visit www.tmrs.com and click on MyTMRS.

How do I review or change my information?

The best way to keep up with your personal information is to register for MyTMRS. It is important to keep TMRS updated with your current address, beneficiary choice, and direct deposit information.

How do I obtain forms?

If you need a TMRS form, you may call us or download the form you need from the TMRS website. Direct deposit changes (account or institution) require a new TMRS Direct Deposit Authorization form. To change your beneficiary(ies), contact TMRS for directions, and we will send you the proper form (in some cases, you may change your beneficiary on MyTMRS). To obtain a form, visit www.tmrs.com and click on MyTMRS. Or call 1-800-924-8677

Can I change my option after retirement?

If you marry after retirement, you may be eligible to change your payment plan to provide a survivor benefit for your new spouse. To be eligible for this change, you must have selected the Retiree Life Only Benefit or a Guaranteed Term option at retirement. You only have one year after the date of your post-retirement marriage to notify TMRS in writing that you wish to change your retirement option. If you retired under a Lifetime Survivor Option, your beneficiary dies, and you remarry, you may also make this change. This change can be made only once and cannot be made online. Call TMRS for assistance.

Changing your option does not increase the total benefit you and your spouse will receive. Depending on the new option you choose and the age of your beneficiary, your monthly payment will be reduced to pay the cost of the additional survivor benefit.

If you divorce after retirement, you may be eligible to change your retirement option. Please contact TMRS regarding eligibility for option reselection.

What If my beneficiary dies?

If your beneficiary dies, contact us as soon as possible. Some retirement options that provide a lifetime survivor benefit include a “pop-up” feature. If your designated beneficiary dies before you, your benefit will “pop up” to the amount of the Retiree Life Only benefit. It is always important to keep your beneficiary information current with TMRS.

What happens to MyTMRS benefit when I die?

At your death, your retirement benefits will be paid to your chosen beneficiary, depending on the retirement option you chose. Your personal representative or a family member needs to notify TMRS at the time of your death. We will advise your designated beneficiary in writing of the proper forms to submit.