Bid Proposals

Bid Proposal Overview

To assist you with the bid proposal process, we have placed the information and forms into an Excel spreadsheet that you can download from our FTP site to your computer for editing.

Note: To access the form, you must save the document to your computer.

View Electronic Bids FTP Site

Instructions for Accessing Files

From our Electronic Bids FTP site, open the directory for specific project name.  The Excel file will then be displayed.  Right click on the spreadsheet and select COPY. You must now paste the spreadsheet somewhere on your computer.  You can now open the spreadsheet and complete the forms for submission.

Instructions for Completing the Spreadsheet

Note: The Excel workbook has three worksheets: "Bid Items", "Recap Bid Proposal", and "Proposal Summary".

All three spreadsheets must be completed for a conclusive and eligible bid.

The "Bid Items" spreadsheet contains all proposed bid items for the project.  Data may only be entered in the "Unit Price" column cells.  Data (price amount) that is entered for the Unit Price will automatically be extended to the "Extended Price" column.

The information on the “Recap_Bid Summary” spreadsheet “Camp Wisdom Road Bid Proposal – RECAP," will be automatically entered from the Extended Price column on the “Bid Items” worksheet. Data cannot be entered on this page.

To complete “Proposal Summary – Bid Proposal” spreadsheet, data must be entered for the Bid Proposal for the Total Bid (Sections I - IX):

A. Materials Incorporated into Work.

B. Materials Not Incorporated with Work.

C. Other Labor, etc.

The item “NOT TO EXCEED TOTAL AMOUNT OF SECTION I (A+B+C) IN WORDS” should be completed by writing the total bid amount in words.

Should you need additional information, please contact the Engineering Division, City of Grand Prairie, at 972-237-8141 or e-mail

Current Projects for Bid Include:

  • Bid Proposals
  • Bid Results
  • Bid Tabulations
  • Bid Advertisements
  • Plan Holders List
  • Addend