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About Code Compliance

The City of Grand Prairie Code Compliance Division is responsible for handling city code violations.

The city is divided into 10 code districts each of which has one code officer assigned to handle all violations within that district.

Common Code Violations

It’s “High Grass” season maximum 10”

Alley and Easement
Dangerous Structures
Faulty Weather
Outside / Open Storage
Junk / Inoperable Motor Vehicles
Manufactured Housing
Residential Fencing
Yard Maintenance / High Grass

Abatement Process

Abatement of code violations, in some cases, may take several days or even weeks. The City must first notify the property owner of the violation at the location or by postal mail by certified letter. In most cases, the property owner (or tenant) has 7 to 10 days to resolve the violation.

If the violation remains after 10 days, the city may issue a citation and fine. Violations, citations and fines continue to be issued until the problem is resolved. Only in extreme cases will the city take action to clear the property of the violation if it presents a public health and safety hazard. (See the Code Compliance Ordinances at our ordinance website.)