Wireless MiFi Hotspots

mifi-unit-transparent.png The Grand Prairie Public Libraries have several mobile Wi-Fi hotspots (MiFis) available for checkout. MiFis provide mobile internet access for up to 15 tablets, smartphones and other internet-ready devices. Enjoy unlimited high speed data at home or on the go.


MiFis are borrowed at your own risk. The mobile Wi-Fi hotspots provide an open wireless connection and the Grand Prairie Library is not responsible for information read, viewed, or accessed using this device or for personal, confidential, or other sensitive information shared over the Internet. Grand Prairie Public Library System is not responsible for any damage that may occur. Please report any problems with equipment upon return.


Guidelines for Borrowing & Use

Borrowers must be 18 years or older and have a Grand Prairie Library card out of introductory status and  in good standing,with no lost items.

Limit to (1) one Wi-Fi hotspot per household at any given time.

Hotspots may be checked out for three weeks and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If all MiFis are checked out, place your hold through the library catalog at gptx.org/library.  Hotspots should be returned inside the library, and not through the bookdrop.

Overdue hotspots will have Internet access disabled and there is a $.50 per day overdue fee. A lost, damaged, or stolen hotspot will have a replacement cost of $240. For any part missing upon return, there will be a replacement parts fee of $15.

Check on available MiFis.

What is included in the hotspot kit? 

Wi-Fi hotspot device, adapter plug and charging cord, as well as network and password information.


How do I connect to the hotspot?

Turn on the MiFi by holding down the power button (located on the top right of the device) for several seconds.

With your internet-ready device, view your list of networks (usually located in Settings). Look for the wireless network matching the one listed on the inside of the MiFi box. Select it, and log in with the password provided in the hotspot box.

To conserve the device's charge, power the MiFi down at the end of your session. The MiFi may be recharged with the provided cord and plug.


Tips & Troubleshooting

Ensure the hotspot is charged and powered on.

The network name (SSID) and password are located in the box the hotspot comes in.

If the device is not connecting to the network, press and hold the Power key for 10 seconds to restart the device.

If the device is damaged or malfunctioning, it should be returned to the library. Please notify a staff member about any issues.