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May Spotlight: Fresh Air & Fitness

We all know that to be healthy you have to eat a balanced diet and be physically active. But did you know that exercising outdoors can have even more health benefits than working out indoors? It’s true! While the weather is still nice to go outside and get moving!

Outdoor fun

Some of the benefits of exercising outside include:

  1. You don’t have to pay for a gym- The world around you has everything you need from hills that you can run up to sturdy branches to do pull ups on. Make the most of nature’s obstacle course and have fun!
  2. Soak up the sun- When the sun hits our skin it creates vitamin D3 which is necessary for bone health and metabolic function. However, make sure you use sunscreen to avoid over exposure and prevent sunburn.
  3. You may burn more calories- If you exercise on a windy day it can provide natural resistance when you run or bike. This causes your body to have to work harder to overcome that resistance and in turn, you may burn more calories
  4. You can meet new people- By working out at your local park or around the neighborhood you have the opportunity to meet people who are doing the same. It may help you find a new workout buddy to keep you accountable for your physical fitness!
  5. Bring the family along- Take your kids to the park with you and while they are on the swings you can work on your upper body strength by doing pull-ups on the monkey bars. Your kids will see you working out and having fun at the same time and it may inspire them to join you.
  6. You’ll feel better- When you exercise outdoors you get to breathe in the fresh air. Outdoor physical fitness has been linked to a better overall psychological state. You are able to take in the beauty of nature which causes a release of endorphins leading you to feel better.

Come exercise outdoors with Get Fit team for Cyclin' with the Mayor this month, the Adopt-a-Stream Cleanup or any of our other events!

Whenever you have any outdoor activities make sure to stay aware of your surrounds. It is always important to apply sunscreen, use insect repellant, and stay hydrated whenever you go outside! 

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