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January is Healthy Resolutions Month!

Every January millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, however not very many keep them throughout the year. It can be hard as the year goes on to stick to your plan of living a healthier lifestyle, but with a little motivation anything is possible. To successfully stick to your New Year’s resolutions it is important to start small and focus on something that is within reach. Here are some simple, yet effective, New Year’s resolution ideas to get you started.

Healthy Resolutions

Get Moving 

Start out small by taking the family or your pet to any of the 10 great places to take a walk in Grand Prairie. Cut down on TV time after dinner and take the family outside to ride bikes or just run off extra energy before bed time. If you enjoy playing sports you can go to any of the recreation centers around the city and join in on the fun. You can join the Get Fit GP team for any of our Cyclin' with the Mayor events as well! Increasing physical activity will improve your circulation, put you in a better mood because of the release of endorphins, and can help you lose weight.

Cyclin' with the Mayor at Grand Central

Eat Your Colors

Eating healthy is just as important as increasing physical activity. The idea of eating your colors means that your plate will be full of a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. The more colors, the better! Make healthier choices when it comes to choosing meals such as try to pick fresh fruit over fruit cocktail in sugary syrup. Fresh fruits and veggies are ideal because of all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that they provide. When looking at breads and grains, whole wheat is a better option than white. Lean meat is always better than anything fatty. You always want to keep portion size in mind so you aren’t eating too much of anything.

My Health Passport

Every year the Get Fit GP team partners up with local business to promote active, healthy lifestyles in our community. Please take advantage of this great opportunity to try out some of these services and businesses to jumpstart your healthy New Year’s resolutions. Learn More.

Get More Sleep

This may sound unattainable for some busy families, however naps can do wonders for your health. Getting the recommended amount of sleep can help your mood and appearance as well as help your memory!


Less screen time can encourage adults and kids to spend more time together talking and bonding. Have a family game night, take a walk around downtown, or even go camping. Take the time to step away from televisions, phones, and tablets and focus on your family and friends. By spending more time with loved ones you build up those healthy relationships that you can’t have with electronics. It is best to limit screen time before bed to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better overall.