Get Fit Videos: July 2016

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Videos for Children

Fizzy's Lunch Lab - Food Pyramid

 Fizzy's Lunch Lab - Barry Broccoli


Fizzy's Lunch Lab - Banana vs. Candy


Fizzy's Food Camp -Very Berry Pancakes


Fizzy's Food Camp -Veggie Frittata


Fizzy's Food Camp -Turkey Breast Rainbow Wrap


First Lady Michelle Obama busts a rap for healthy foods


TED-Ed - What is fat?


Videos for Young Adults

First Lady Michelle Obama: Eating healthy isn’t about how you look


First Lady Michelle Obama: Healthy Eating Makes a huge difference


FDA redefines what healthy eating means


CDC: Finding A Balance


CDC-TV Making Health Easier: Healthy Changes in Preschool



TED Talk – A healthy lifestyle you can stomach


TED Talk –How sugar affects the brain


TED-ED – What would happen if you didn’t drink water?