April 2015: Get Outside

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Mayor Ron Jensen announces schedule for Cyclin' with the Mayor Bike Rides

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Registration Underway for Get Fit GP Run for Shelter 5K and "Chase the Chiefs" 1-Mile Fun Run on 4/25/15

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'Get Outside' Spotlight

April is the start of spring and time for outdoor activities to start ramping. Now is the time to get motivated and moving. Just a small amount of daily activity can help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduce stress, and on top of that, make you feel better. It can be easy to lose your drive if you choose the wrong activity; here are some tips to achieve your goals:

  • To improve your shape: Try weight training or calisthenics activities that deliver body sculpting results.
  • To lose weight: Try running, stair climbing, aerobics, cycling, or go for a brisk walk.
  • To reduce stress: Try yoga, tai chi, or activities such as walking, running, and swimming.

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Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

Treat your workouts as your daily activities, such as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. This will make your workout a daily priority in your life. Despite what you think, the trick to regular exercise is not finding your inner enforcer. Rather it is getting creative and tapping into your natural motivations.

Tips to stay Motivated:

  • Don't put away your workout gear; place visual cues of workout gear such as dumbbell weights, medicine balls, and workout shoes by your bed. These visual cues are a wakeup call to your brain.
  • Invest in more workout clothes having the right clothing doesn’t just remove a hurdle; it reinforces your identity as an exerciser. When exercising is an integral part of your identity, it isn’t optional anymore it’s just part of your life.

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Chart Your Success

This is a great way to make your goals visible along with making sure your workouts grow with your progression. Develop a plan with specific and measurable goals instead of “I want to get in shape” or “I want to lose 20 pounds.” Instead, develop a plan that allows you to lose a pound a week and increase your aerobic capacity in a gradual stage.

Be Real With Yourself

This journey is not going to be easy so set yourself reasonable goals. Try not to change all your habits overnight and make gradual changes that will become a permanent way of life without special effort. If you break through the one week barrier, you have passed the period in which half the dropouts occur.


Grand Prairie Library offers many books on heart health. Visit http://www.gptx.org/index.aspx?page=171 to view a selection of books available.

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