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Grab your roller blades and get to know your neighborhood!

Painting or Pictures

Get an easel to paint or camera to snap pictures of family, pets, landscaping, or surroundings.

Grab a Kite!

If the wind picks up and you have a kite lying around, an empty field will be a perfect place for some entertainment!


A patch of your sidewalk or driveway could be a grand canvas for chalk art or a place to write an inspiring message.

Games, Storytelling, and Singing

Voices and communication are important at times like this; indoor games like charades, simple storytelling, or evening singing together can be done outdoors.

Mini Road Trip

Roll down the windows and go for an old-fashioned drive out to and around the country.


Do some free weights, bands, stretches etc. from the comfort of your home. Plenty of local gyms are offering online workouts either printable materials or live videos. 

House Projects

Stay busy by doing some household remodeling projects. 


Find some stuff to build at home and add it as a décor to your living room or bedroom!


Time to dust off the shovel, get out the gardening gloves, and hit the yard. You can purchase seeds online or plants online from the comfort of your couch and prepare the garden for the rest of the year.