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File a Drainage/Erosion Complaint

RESOLUTION 3919 – A Resolution Establishing a Policy Concerning Erosion and Other Drainage Problems Relating to Waterways.

Erosion and/or flooding problems on private property will be investigated on a case-by-case basis. The City will focus on improvements to the waterways that will result in general public benefit, such as lowering erosive velocities and increasing flow capacities in proximate streams for the general prevention of erosion and flooding.

Remedy of private property issues, such as flooding due to lot-to-lot drainage (no involvement of City property) and construction projects to protect specific private property due to proximate stream erosion, will not be undertaken by the City unless a general public benefit or public safety concern can be demonstrated, and the undertaking of such are approved by the City Council. Individual projects will be evaluated and prioritized based on available funding.


In some situations, additional information is required in order to further the prosecution of a case. For that reason, a name, address, and telephone number is requested of the complaining party.

Information relative to the complainant is confidential and will not be released to the public.

Your Information

Zip Code
Reporting the correct and complete address is very important.

Please describe the EXACT LOCATION of the drainage or erosion problem (or the general permit/construction pollution issue), including street type (Avenue, Lane, Drive, Boulevard, Court, etc.) If the property in question is a vacant lot, please provide the block number or the direction from a known address. As an example:

"Vacant lot on the west side of 123 Main Street" or
"Vacant lot on southeast corner of Main Street and 3rd Street"

Please DO NOT give vague information such as: "on the corner of Main and 19th"
Problem Address

Block, Street Name & Type
Other Location Description
Please provide an EXACT DESCRIPTION of the problem.

As an example:

"standing water," or "erosion of property," or "construction debris/erosion."

NOT: "Looks bad," or "needs to be condemned."
Type of Complaint*
Description of Problem